Highlight: Turkey Creek
Turkey Creek is a wonderful trail passing in and out of stream beds for most of the journey, and throughout it is in constant change and putting forth a new challenge. At 1/2 mile into the trail, there is a rocky stream bed to traverse which can be very technical. It is great to creep through and splash in the water! Soon after the creek bed, there is a small waterfall that is worth a stop and is a great place for a scenic picnic. It's a good place to take a break after the rocky creek bottom. In the early stages of the trail, the forest is a mix of new growth with sunlight pouring through and tall pines shading the forest floor. Later on, the trail climbs to a higher elevation and the vegetation becomes less dense opening up to the sky. The end of the trail for Turkey Creek is the beginning of Little Turkey Creek, and the fun continues!
For individual use only, not to be shared.