Crucero Road

Ludlow, California (San Bernardino County)

Last Updated: 03/31/2020
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Highlight: Crucero Road
Exit Ludlow off Highway 40 and head north to start your day on this long, easy, relaxing desert road. Crucero Road borders the Broadwell Lake, Needles and Afton Canyon BLM subregions in Californias Mojave desert. Crucero Road travels across the Broadwell Dry Lakebed, past the Bacon Strip Ranch dirt airstrip off Bacon Road, near the Mojave Megaphone and Mesquite Springs before ending at the train tracks which travel through Afton Canyon to the west. Crucero Road is easy enough for just about anyone and includes numerous side trails to explore. If you are looking to put in some off-road desert miles, find an isolated desert camp or just get out for the day, Crucero Road is a great place to start.
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