Osceola - FR233

Lake City, Florida (Columbia County)

Last Updated: 03/16/2020
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Osceola National Forest is one of three National Forests in Florida. Spanning 266,000 acres Osceola is the smallest of Florida's National Forests. Exploring Osceola National Forest can be done in many ways such as hiking, ATVs, horseback, and street-legal vehicles. Ocala National Forest is great for anyone looking to hunt, camp, watch wildlife, or visit the Lewis D. Whitaker shooting range! National Forest Road 233 is a scenic trail that cuts through Osceola National Forest. FR233 will also brush up against Big Gum Wilderness. Big Gum Wilderness is a protected swampland that is off-limits to vehicles. FR233 is full of bright green vegetation from the fertile land and ample supply of water. West Tower Hunt camp is also on FR233, which is a highly popular campsite in Osceola National Forest!


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1. National Forest Road 233 Trailhead (0 mi)
Trailhead starts off County Road 250.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Lake City, Florida

At the intersection of US-441 and NE Gum Swamp Road, take NE Gum Swamp Road eastbound for almost 11 miles. Pay close attention to your odometer as there will be a dirt road on the north/west side of NE Gum Swamp, this will be FR233. There will be no sign on the road marking the trail, but once on FR233 about a 1/2 mile, there will be a brown road sign for 233.



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