Trout Lake, Washington (Skamania County)

Last Updated: 04/04/2020
Highlight: NF-8810
Once you leave Trout Lake, NF-8810 takes you back into the forest. Early on, Waypoint 2 directs you to designated camping, so you can start this trail early in the morning after a night rest. Otherwise, continue on with your journey. With over 15 miles in length, NF-8810 brings you up along the western side of the Mount Adams Wilderness, ultimately ending at NF-23; a paved road. There are two significant hikes near this trail. The first is Sleeping Beauty Peak. Sleeping Beauty is a challenging hike that while only 1.3 miles in, gains nearly 1,400 feet in elevation. Atop the peak, you are rewarded with views of Mount Adams and Indian Heaven Wilderness. You’ll also cross the Pacific Crest trail twice. The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,653-mile hiking and equestrian trail that spans between the Mexican and Canadian borders. Being greater in length, this trail is a nice change of pace, allowing you to cruise along, heading further north towards Mount Adams. Views of the mountain may be possible through the trees, but if you miss out, there are plenty of views from trails further on. This trail is part of the Washington Cascade Overland Route. Visit Overlanding Across Washington for more information, including which trails to take next.
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