Old Spanish Trail North

4.8/5 (5 reviews)
Moapa Valley, Nevada (Clark County)
Last Updated: 12/03/2022

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The Old Spanish Trail in southern Nevada was the main trade route in the region from 1826 to 1848. The settlers and traders of the time had to travel through these harsh desert conditions to reach settlements to the north. This northern section follows a portion of the historic trail that borders the Valley of Fire State Park. The route is easy enough for stock 4x4s and an excellent way to connect Las Vegas with many other regional trails. The early section of the trail is a vast open desert, but it eventually works its way into a very scenic canyon with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. IMPORTANT NOTE: The trail end has changed; you can continue down Weiser Valley, but it is now a dead-end, out & back trail. You MUST exit out through the canyon leading to I-15 or return all the way to the Trailhead. The canyon is rated a 4-5 for multiple rock ledges and boulders.

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4.8/5 (5)
Rated 5/5
Visited: 01/02/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

In the last few months lots of water has moved lots of dirt on this trail. The trails in this entire region have changed. This trail may have been a 3 leaning toward easier in the past but I’m rating it as harder now. We were two 4Runners together. Mine is stock hight with good off road tires. The trail was dry. It was fun and challenging. I wouldn’t go anywhere near this trail if rain is in the forecast or its muddy.
Official Crew
Rated 5/5
Visited: 12/29/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

THESE PICTURES ARE NOT FOR THIS ROUTE At the end of this route. The access road from Interstate 15 is now a rock crawling trail. Ute Road is completely washed out through the canyon. You must run Warner Valley or attempt the difficult exit to I-15. About a one-mile stretch is a 6-8 in difficulty level and it will only increase after each rain. I have found no written plans for the rebuilding of this route. To access this trail you have to run it in reverse from Moapa or run all of Old Spanish Trail North. The pictures are all of the Ute Road conditions.
Visited: 12/27/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

Took this trail as a Different, more scenic way to link up with Wieser Valley as opposed to using Ute road as I have come in that way before. And glad I did seeing that Ute Road is more washed out and difficult, then probably when I first did it last year. So this way and it’s probably a lot easier. Interesting drive across the desert especially knowing it was part of the historic old Spanish Trail.
Rated 5/5
Visited: 07/29/2021

Be aware you have plan on driving the way way you came in or through Weiser Valley +9 miles UTE Road where it ends is washed out as of 31JUL2021 and looks like it has been for a while. Very pretty drive that is well worth the extra 9 miles of driving beyond what you might expect. Entrance is very hard to see.
Official Crew
Rated 4/5
Visited: 01/06/2020

We were on a mission to connect Las Vegas with St. George Utah at Sand Hollow. The trail was easy for our vehicle and we never needed four wheel drive but I'm sure the larger overland rigs may possible need it at some point. The trail really made you feel like you were remote and traveling through a region most don't get to see. We never encountered another vehicle while on the trail.

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