Mount Herman Road

Monument, Colorado (El Paso County)

Last Updated: 05/11/2021
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Highlight: Mount Herman Road
Mount Herman Road provides direct access to Rampart Range Road from the I-25 corridor. It climbs through the forest amid enormous boulders and precipitous hillsides. There are spectacular views of Pikes Peak as well as the valley below. Spend some time at one of the numerous view areas, or hike among the curious rock formations.

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Recommended Vehicle:
2WD Vehicle with High Clearance
It's a dirt road with rocks (less than 12" height) and ruts (less than 10" deep).

Technical Rating

Dirt and/or rocky road. Potential rocks and/or tree stumps less than 5" tall and/or vertical ledges less than 5" tall and/or near vertical ledges or waterfalls less than 6" inches. Good tire placement likely. Can be steep, but with good traction.
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Mt Herman Road is a quick access road to the Rampart Range. It can be driven in either direction and is suitable for stock 4x4 vehicles. In fact, you will see an equal number of passenger cars as Jeeps/trucks/SUVs. It is generally maintained but does experience ruts and wash-outs during the year. From the trailhead, Mt. Herman Road climbs steadily for approximately 11 miles. The road is narrow at some points and contains numerous blind curves, so use caution when rounding a corner. In most places, the road is sufficiently wide to allow opposing traffic to pass.
Numerous blind curves so use caution when approaching!


1. Trailhead Mt Herman Road (0 mi)
2. Lower Gate - Go Straight ( mi)
Continue straight at the intersection of Red Rocks Road.
3. Upper Gate - Go Straight ( mi)
The upper gate marks the end of the ascent--the road is relatively level from here to Rampart Range Road. There is a scenic point and dispersed campsite here.
4. Intersection 320B - Follow Curve to Left ( mi)
The balanced rock feature here is quite unique. There is a spur road here (320B) and area for parking or dispersed camping.
5. Intersection 318 - Stay Straight ( mi)
The spur road dead-ends, stay straight to remain on Mount Herman Road.
6. Intersection 315 - Stay Straight ( mi)
FS Road 315, intersecting on the left (south) side, is a through-road which ends farther south on Mount Herman Road. Continue straight to remain on Mount Herman Road.
7. End at 300 Rampart Range Road ( mi)
This is the western end of Mount Herman Road where it intersects with FS 300, Rampart Range Road. Turn left (south) to go toward Woodland Park. Turn right (north) to access dozens more 4x4 roads.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Monument

From I-25, take the Monument/Palmer Lake exit, number 161, for Highway 105. Travel west towards the mountains. On the west side of the Interstate overpass, Highway 105 becomes 2nd Street. Proceed west on 2nd Street and cross railroad tracks, then stop at the T- intersection with Mitchell Road. Turn left (south) on Mitchell Road and continue half a mile. Mt Herman Road will be on the right (west) side of the road. Follow the paved road for approximately two miles, until the pavement ends near Sunburst Drive.


Dispersed camping is permitted along Mount Herman Road, and the several connected roads/trails such as 320A, 320B, 320C, 315 and 318. There are also numerous campsites along Rampart Range Road and the many roads which intersect with it The US Forest Service maintains several campgrounds further west on Highway 67, and commercial lodging can be found in Monument and Woodland Park.
Camping: Mount Herman Road

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Questions & Answers (3)

Q: Dispersed camping in the Rampart Range area has changed in 2021 as far as I'm aware. The Forest Service site states: "Designated dispersed camping is located along NFSR 300, 502, 507, and 563." Are trail reviews in the area that state they're open to dispersed camping no longer open if they're not on that list? I've done a good bit of research and have found a lot of conflicting information. Thanks for any advice, we're excited to check out the area next weekend, but I don't know what to expect.
–Nick Krenz (05/31/2021)
A: Nick, thanks for the question because it can be somewhat confusing. The thing to remember is that FS Road 300 (Rampart Range Road) covers nearly 60 miles north to south. It lies within the boundaries of two FS Ranger Districts; in the north area it is South Platte Ranger District. In the south area, it is Pikes Peak Ranger District. The SPRD has more constraints and restrictions such as the designated dispersed camping you mentioned, among others (such as seasonal closures which I understand were just lifted on May 28). The PPRD does not have those constraints and restrictions. See the Trail Guide for Rampart Range Road; if my memory is correct, Waypoint 19 (Seasonal Gate) is the boundary between the two FS Districts.
–Tracy Barker (06/01/2021)
Q: How would a campsite search go in the afternoon/evening of a Sunday in August if driving up from Monument? Would it be difficult to find a spot within an hour's ride?
–Jason Endress (07/10/2020)
A: Even arriving on Saturday I think you'll be fine. If you do observe that sites are taken on Mount Herman Road, you can still try other roads such as (Waypoint 6) FSR 315. If you reach FSR 300 (Rampart Range Road), take a right/north and you'll find FSR 322 on the right/east in about a mile. There are good sites there for two rigs and small tents.
–Tracy Barker (07/13/2020)
A: Thank you for the answer... I just re-checked our schedule and its actually Saturday we will be arriving late. I suspect the area gets pretty crowded. Is there sill chance to find something at that point? We would just need room for 2 jeeps and 2 small tents, just a place to sleep without having to go to RV park or hotel
–Jason Endress (07/13/2020)
A: Jason, I think you'd find a campsite easily on a Sunday afternoon, especially in the areas of Waypoints 4, 5, and 6. Weekend campers tend to depart the area before midday so I suspect most sites will be vacated.
–Tracy Barker (07/13/2020)
Q: Where is a good place to meetup with a group before arriving at the trail head? Any suggestions?
–Ryan Boudreau (02/14/2020)
A: With Mt. Herman Rd. starting right out of the town of Monument the McDonald's right on I25 & Hwy 105 would be a good spot to meet up. I bet its only 5 minutes from the trailhead.
–Greg Stokes (02/17/2020)

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