Kehl Ridge

Payson, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 07/09/2021
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Highlight: Kehl Ridge
Kehl Ridge is a wonderfully winding little road that connects Rim Road , possibly the most scenic trail in centrall Arizona, with FR 147. Near the intersection with Rim Road, campsites on the edge the Mogollon Rim offer panoramic views of a large portion of central Arizona. Coursing through old growth Ponderosa Pine forests, Kehl Ridge crosses some small fern bottomed draws that drain into East Clear Creek. When combined with FR 147, Kehl Ridge offers visitors from the north smooth and easy access to the dramatic heart of the Mogollon Rim. Accessing beauty and remoteness need not be difficult or uncomfortable. As George W. Sears, under the pen name Nessmuck, wrote in his 1884 book Woodcraft, "During the long winters they (tourists) are prone to collect in little knots and talk much of camps, fishing, hunting, and roughing it. I dislike the phrase. We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home; in towns and cities." Smooth it on out to the Rim Country on Kehl Ridge.
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