Three Lakes - Trail 8 and 9

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2/5 (2 reviews)
Kenansville, Florida (Osceola County)
Last Updated: 06/19/2020

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Roads 8 and 9 are located in Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area which consists of almost 55,000 acres in Osceola County. Three Lakes gets its name because there are three lakes: Kissimmee, Jackson, and Marian. Lake Kissimmee is the largest lake in this WMA. Both Lake Kissimmee and Lake Marian have Observation Towers. Road 8 and 9 will bring visitors through the wet prairie of Three Lakes. Drivers will be surrounded by lush green vegetation, water, and wide-open​ land that seems to touch the sky. Road 8 and 9 travel very close to Lake Marian, the second largest of the three lakes.

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2/5 (2)
Temporary Closure
Visited: 04/03/2022

Trail is locked on multiple spots. The rest of the trails are a snooze fest.
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Rated 2/5
Visited: 09/25/2019

Road 8 and 9 are fun trails if you like mud and water crossings. Crossing that are usually under water have rocks to help prevent vehicles from getting stuck. Overall an easy trail for any 4WD truck/SUV.

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