Upper Apex Road

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3.3/5 (13 reviews)
Central City, Colorado (Gilpin County)
Last Updated: 08/06/2022
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Upper Apex Road provides an important connection between the roads above Central City which connect to the Yankee Hill network and Apex Valley Road which connects to the 4wd trails around Dakota Hill and Oregon Hill. Although you won’t need 4wd on this road it still packs a lot of features into its 2.6 miles. Near the beginning of the road you will pass the well-preserved Boodle Mill, a monument to the rich mining history of the area. Soon after that, you pass by several of the almost one dozen historic cemeteries scattered over the hills above Central City. About halfway down the road, you will find the gorgeous General Chase Gulch Reservoir with picnic tables and a porta-potty. And all along the way, you traverse beautiful pine and aspen forested hill past quaint mountain cottages and picturesque farms.

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Check out our Yankee Hill Road (3.21 mi away) trail guide for an All-Access Preview!

Trail Reviews

3.3/5 (13)
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Visited: 09/23/2023

Reservoir is beautiful, worthwhile stop, and the cemeteries are cool too.
Rated 4/5
Visited: 05/17/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

No real obstacles or challenges, however it was a very scenic ride back into town!
Trail Review: Upper Apex Road - Lalo Martinez
Visited: 04/08/2023

Little to no snow in early April.
Rated 3/5
Visited: 01/28/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Upper Apex Road is a simple and easy dirt road. It was well plowed and the remaining snow was grippy. The view of the (what seems to be a) reservoir was quite charming but that's about it.
Trail Review: Upper Apex Road - Dominik Vereno
User Avatar
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Rated 3/5
Visited: 10/04/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

Nothing crazy at all, mainly a way to get onto other trails.

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