Sawmill Springs

Mormon Lake, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 07/09/2021
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Highlight: Sawmill Springs
Located in the heart of the vast and beautiful Coconino National Forest, Willow Springs is a great camping destination as well as a fun drive through some amazing countryside. Most of the track is nestled in old-growth Ponderosa pines interspersed with small alpine meadows. The large flat campsites are popular summer getaways. After skirting around the northern base of Cow Hill, the trail breaks out into the juniper studded grasslands of Anderson Mesa. The trail ends near the shallow grassy Cow Lake. Yes, cows are a theme of this area. This is open range and used for summer grazing by one of Arizona's largest and most historic ranches, the Apache Maid. During the summer expect to see cattle grazing or lazing in the shade alongside the trail. In early Fall they will be rounded up and moved to winter pastures at lower elevations. Sawmill Springs intersects with Anderson Mesa South and FR 124H, both interesting trails for those seeking some adventurous wheeling.
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