Highlight: Hicks/Duncan
John Hicks and John Duncan were two of the first settlers in what would become the town of Pine in 1879. Hicks and Duncan partnered in a ranching venture. They summered their cattle in the high country above the Mogollon Rim just as ranchers still do today. The canyon they used for summer grazing became known as the Hicks and Duncan Canyon. FR 149 crosses that canyon today and is locally known as the Hicks/Duncan. Hicks/Duncan is a picturesque trail that cuts through the massive Ponderosa pine timberland that dominates vast Coconino National Forest. With an average elevation of 7000 feet, the mild summer temperatures make the area a favored getaway for desert dwellers. Camping among the soaring pines with the wind song of the breeze through the upper branches is a wonderfully relaxing experience. Though no formal trail exists, hiking along the broad Hicks and Duncan Canyon is an easy stroll. A hiker is sure to see Abert's squirrels scampering about. With any fortune elk, deer, black bear, or wild turkey might also be spotted by those with a sharp eye.
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