Maggie Gulch

Silverton, Colorado (SanJuan County)

Last Updated: 06/16/2022
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Highlight: Maggie Gulch
Maggie Gulch is a relatively short dead-end trail that offers very similar scenery and mining history as the larger, more well known trails in the area. Being a dead-end trail, Maggie Gulch does not share the tourist traffic the other trails in the area have. This lends to a relaxing journey that may very well not be shared with any other drivers. The Imposing 13,278 foot Mount Galena looms overhead to the south, leading to snow being present late into the summer that in a few areas, never fully melts. Maggie Gulch ends at the well preserved Intersection Mill. Built in the late 1890's, the Intersection Mill is one of the few mills in the San Juan mountains with it's stamps still standing. The boiler and winches can also be seen. Many of the mills in this area were stripped of their iron workings during a scrap metal boom around World War 2, finding a mill with these workings still intact is truly a unique sight.
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