Citrus - Trail 16

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Inverness, Florida (Citrus County)
Last Updated: 05/24/2020

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Citrus Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is one of Florida's state forests, spans almost 50,000 acres, and is located in both Citrus and Hernando Counties. It offers plenty of 4WD and hiking trails. Trail 16 is one of the main 4WD trails in Citrus WMA as it goes east and west through the entire WMA. Because it is one of the main roads it is decently maintained and consists of sand/dirt. It offers a great start to explore the area as it will give drivers previews of what you will experience while off-roading: sugar sand, dirt, mild hill climbs, standing water areas, and will practice good tire placement. There will be parts of Trail 16 that are eroded away from Florida's heavy downpours which creates some memorable areas to engage 4WD and climb over mild ledges and get some off-camber areas.

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Trail 16 is a state-maintained road and it is one of the main roads in Citrus WMA, so it is maintained well. The trail consists of dirt/sand with a few elevation changes. Trail 16 runs east and west through Citrus WMA. There are no obstacles on this trail other than areas that may get washed away due to Florida's heavy rains. However, the trail is suited for stock trucks and SUVs.

Trail Reviews

3/5 (1)
Official Crew
Rated 3/5
Visited: 08/11/2019

Trail 16 is a great trail to start on when visiting Citrus WMA. Airing up/down at Trail 16 and Trail 13 intersection is my favorite place as pesky bugs like deer and horse flies will be at a minimum. Speaking of bugs expect to bring bug repellent if vising Citrus WMA during July and August! The minor ledge climbs in eroded areas makes the trail more interesting at times, some water holes here and there but nothing soupy or thick mud. A good place to introduce new offroaders and Trail 16 can be done in many stock 4x4 vehicles.

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