Casner Park Road

Munds Park, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 07/09/2021
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Highlight: Casner Park Road
Casner Park Road is named, like many of the original roads in the area, for the broad grassy meadow along which it meanders just a few miles out of town. Here beautiful alpine meadows are called parks. Casner Park, as well as Bert Lee Park which the trail briefly passes later, are named for the hardy pioneer families who settled nearby. Casner Park offers broad vistas and there are numerous shady campsites nestled in the pines along its edge in which to enjoy those views. Actually, there are many, many campsites along the trail and it's a favorite summer weekend destination for desert dwellers escaping the heat, enjoy some beauty, and happily parade every kind of ATV imaginable. The trail climbs enough that fir, spruce, and a few aspens line the road before dropping back down a bit. The final curve in the trail delivers an almost shockingly unexpected view across the 3-mile diameter Mormon Lake, a sometimes lake, most times grassy meadow.
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