2N05 - Big Bear View

Big Bear City, California (San Bernardino County)

Last Updated: 12/01/2021
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Typically Open: 05/01 - 12/01
Length: 0.66 miles
Highest Elevation: 7433 feet
Duration: About 15 minutes
Shape of Trail: Out & Back
Best Direction to Travel: N/A
Nearest Town: Big Bear City
Nearest Town w/ Services: Big Bear City
Official Road Name: 2N05
Management Agency: San Bernardino National Forest
District: Mountaintop Ranger District


Highlight: 2N05 - Big Bear View
With a trail name like Big Bear View, you might expect to find some great views along this trail. Sorry, there are none. This short trail in the San Bernardino National Forest is surrounded by tall trees and brush and offers no views. Other than a couple of unlikely fire hydrants in the middle of the forest, there is not much to see on 2N05 - Big Bear View. If you are on a run through 2N27 - Sand Canyon and have some time to kill, this trail might be worth checking out, but if you are looking for the "views", you might want to check out some other trails.


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1. Trailhead - Head North (0 mi)
From 2N27 - Sand Canyon, turn north to start on 2N05 - Big Bear View.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Big Bear Lake, California

Take 2N27 - Sand Canyon to Waypoint 4 and turn north.


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