Bloody Basin West

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3/5 (1 reviews)
Mayer, Arizona (Yavapai County)
Last Updated: 12/25/2022

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Located in central Arizona, West Bloody Basin Road was vital to ranchers and miners before paved roads were introduced into this wide valley. Driving along the winding desert road today, you still see ranchers with large stock trailers moving cattle to market or greener pastures. Located almost exclusively on BLM land, it is common to see branded cattle grazing among flowering prickly pear cacti. The trail contours along gently sloping hills, leading you away from the speeding traffic of the nearby interstate and back in time to a slower-paced era. High points offer impressive views of the nearby Bradshaw Mountains, home to many turn-of-the-century mining operations. To the southeast, the canvas-tan, dried grass flatlands of Perry Mesa and the Agua Fria National Monument are often in view.

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3/5 (1)
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Rated 3/5
Visited: 08/21/2019

Cordes Station is a fantastic look back in time. We really enjoyed checking out all the antiques. But stay on the road. We did, but still got yelled at by a lady resident. She even had something that sounded like a police siren. Just added to the fun of the whole thing.

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