Horn Creek

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5/5 (1 reviews)
Banks, Idaho (Boise County)
Last Updated: 06/11/2021
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652 Horn Creek Trail is in the Boise National Forest, about 5 miles east of Garden Valley which is well known for its large herds of Elk. Loggers used this trail in the 1900s to get their timber to the mill in Horseshoe Bend. Running this trail in the early hours will reward you with views of the animals that call this forest home. Cougar, bear, elk, deer and maybe a wolf. Even on weekends, you won't see much traffic on this trail so camping near trails end will be quite secluded. If you're more into running water and a toilet, be sure and stay at the Hot Springs Campground for a real hot spring soak, and with the proper planning, you can enjoy the South Fork Payette River with rafting. A short drive south on Alder Creek Road brings you to Placerville, a ghost town from the 1800s. The area and trail offers you all the beauty you'd expect in an Idaho trail.

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5/5 (1)
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Rated 5/5
Visited: 06/11/2021

We mapped Mica Dome a few days ago which is a spur off Horn Creek so we welcomed the chance to re-run this great trail. Absolutely beautiful in the springtime. We were here on a Sunday but had the trail to ourselves.
Trail Review: Horn Creek - Dennis Clark
Trail Review: Horn Creek - Dennis Clark

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