Left Fork Danskin Creek

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Banks, Idaho (Boise County)
Last Updated: 06/07/2019
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649 Left Fork Danskin Creek Trail is in the Boise National Forest - Emmett Ranger District, less than 2 hours north of Boise. You'll pass through Garden Valley a few miles before the trailhead which is absolutely beautiful and noted for the large herds of elk for your viewing. Most of the trails above Garden Valley were used by the logging industry from the early 1900s, but when Boise Cascade started shutting down the mills in the 1990s, logging slowed dramatically. If you're into getting away from the crowds to disperse camp, you have to check out the site along this trail. The views are beautiful and the area is large, flat, and surrounded by pine trees. Pets are allowed but remember, there are larger animals that call this place home nearby.

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