Little Anderson Creek

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2/5 (1 reviews)
Banks, Idaho (Boise County)
Last Updated: 05/31/2019

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Little Anderson Creek is in the beautiful Boise National Forest. The trail starts just north of Garden Valley which is noted for its large Elk population. This trail was originally used to drive cattle from Scott Mountain to market, and the logging industry brought their timber down to Horseshoe Bend until Boise-Cascade shut down the mill in 1998. Today, it's all about recreation and it's in a popular hunting area as well. During this trail write-up, elk, deer, and turkeys were spotted as well as a hunter looking for a bear. After every storm, you will encounter downed trees so be prepared to remove them or limit your time on the trail. Remember to "Stay The Trail". In most instances, you couldn't go around them even if you wanted due to the shelf nature of most of the trail. There are several no-name spurs off this trail for dispersed camping away from the main trail.

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2/5 (1)
Rated 2/5
Visited: 06/02/2020

This trail should be called the "Give your vehicle racing stripes trail". Do you remember racing stripes, from the 90s? I had the haircut. Two stars for the trail because it was fun to get out in the middle of nowhere, didn't see another vehicle at all. That fact gave the trail an extra star, up from 1 because all the stupid bushes beat up my car. It's pretty tight in some places and you just hear the high pitched scraping. Lots of great views on this ride! Also, lots of pot holes. I think pot holes are my least favorite obstacle when off road. The trip took me a lot more than an hour and a half. It was about an hour and 45 minutes one way for me. Maybe I have to take it a little easier running it in an Outback though. Had a nice lunch close to the end where you look out over a cool valley. I loaded the GPX track into GAIA and it worked perfectly!
Trail Review: Little Anderson Creek - Mike Thompson
Trail Review: Little Anderson Creek - Mike Thompson
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