Opal Mountain Road

Barstow, California (San Bernardino County)

Last Updated: 05/11/2019
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Highlight: Opal Mountain Road
Opal Mountain, just north and east of the Black Mountain Wilderness, has a lot to offer. Its name hints at the possibility of finding some opal. You may find it, but most will be common opal which, although it comes in many colors of honey, green, orange, red, yellow and white, lacks the fire of the better known precious opal. In the 1900s, mines in the Scout's Cove area produced precious opal, as well as some beautiful cherry and orange common opal. However, the best seams were about 200 feet below the surface and were locked in extremely hard rock. Ultimately the expense of extracting the opal became too much and the mine closed down. In 2003 the BLM bulldozed all vestiges of the mine itself. The good news is that the area is crawling with common opal. In many cases, you can simply pick up chips from earlier rockhounds. The best specimens, though, are gotten by extracting them from the seams with chisels and hammers.


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1. Start Opal Mountain Road (0 mi)
The trail can be started from Black Canyon Road or from Fossil Bed Road. Here we start from Black Canyon Road at the northern end of the trail, and head east and then south.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Barstow, California

You will need to take Irwin Road to Fossil Bed Road and turn left (west) and either turn right onto Opal Mountain Road or continue and take Black Canyon Road north to the north trailhead. See the review for Fossil Bed Road. Opal Mountain Road is a connecting trail that goes from Fossil Bed Road, on the south end, to Black Canyon Road at the north end. It can be traveled in either direction; it is not harder to traverse in one direction over the other.



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Q: Do you generally run 20psi in your tires in these areas (Inscription, Fossil Bed, Opal, etc...)?
–William Okura (02/15/2022)
–William Okura (02/22/2022)
–Ryan Boudreau (02/22/2022)

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