Forest Service Road 376

4.5/5 (7 reviews)
Jemez Springs, New Mexico (Sandoval County)
Last Updated: 12/01/2021
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Some of the finest mountain scenery in the southwest is found in the 1.6-million-acre Santa Fe National Forest, and wheeling on Forest Road 376 is a great way to enjoy it. Tall ponderosa pines, aspens, scrub oak, and grassy meadows frame a scenic Jemez Mountain trail that is one of New Mexico's outdoor treasures. As the trail starts out at the historic Gilman Tunnels, the Rio Guadalupe runs alongside the east side of the trail and offers trout fishing adjacent to numerous parking turnouts and picnicking sites. As the trail runs through Lake Fork Canyon in the north, the Rio Cebolla runs along its east side. The Jemez Mountains are very important to the Native American people of the Jemez Pueblo. The Walatowa Visitor Center located near Jemez Pueblo on State Highway 4 is a great way to learn about the rich culture of the area.

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4.5/5 (7 reviews)
Status: Partially Open
Visited: 08/10/2022

The trail was closed just past the Gilman tunnels. No reason was listed.
Trail Review: Forest Service Road 376 - Robert & Rita Johnson
Trail Review: Forest Service Road 376 - Robert & Rita Johnson
Official Crew
Status: Seasonal Closure
Visited: 12/01/2021

Closed for the season! See you in 2022!
Status: Open
Rated 3/5
Visited: 08/21/2020

Very easy trail that can be done in anything. For some challenges check out the MVUM and take some trails and offshoots. The maps don't always match up with what is on the ground so be ready to back track. Excellent camping not far off the main road. Beautiful drive however and worth it no matter how capable your rig.
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 08/01/2020

Jeep Compass Trailhawk 2018. Super fun trail! 20+ miles of peaceful easy driving. Very wide and was pretty dry when we ran it. Great scenery, especially near the tunnel area. Plenty of places to pull over and admire nature. Take your time and enjoy!
Trail Review: Forest Service Road 376 - Rick Gregorio
Trail Review: Forest Service Road 376 - Rick Gregorio
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Status: Open
Visited: 07/26/2020

Trail was open from NM485 to at least NM126. Good condition. Very easy trail. Graded dirt road with frequent turn-outs and wide spots for camping/fishing. Two tunnels at the south end, be careful if you have a trailer. Beautiful scenery. Nice easy drive on a weekend afternoon. Bring a lunch and some camp chairs.

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