Lost Highway 87

Port Arthur, Texas (Jefferson County)

Last Updated: 10/05/2020
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Highlight: Lost Highway 87
Of all the beach runs in Texas, the Lost Highway 87 run offers an eerie reminder of the destructive damage and erosion caused by past storms. What was once a state highway lined with homes and businesses is now mere scattered ruins along a narrowly passable 20 mile stretch of beach. Awareness of the tide charts is key to making the run comfortably and legally along the shoreline. Running from Sabine Pass in Jefferson County to High Island on the Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, the “Lost Highway 87” runs primarily along McFaddin Beach. Adding to the mystic of the run is the fact that the mid-sections along McFaddin Beach are (albeit illegally) visited by those enjoying nude sun bathing during the warmer months, though local custom courtesy does require those sun bathers to cover with a towel as approaching traffic make their way down the beach. Still, one may wish to use discretion when bringing children on the run during peak summer months.


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1. Eastern Beach Access (0 mi)
The eastern beach access is located at the end of Highway 87 and bordered Sea Rim State Park. Use caution when entering as the entrance is often comprised of soft, deep sand.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Sabine Pass

With a brief stop in Port Arthur for gas or supplies, most choose to travel "Lost Highway 87" from east to west, beginning in Sabine Pass. From Sabine Pass, travel westward on Highway 87 for 17 miles, ending at the beach access point. Alternatively, travelers may choose to travel east along the beach by entering from High Island on the western edge.



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Q: Has anyone been here lately? Is this trail still open after the most recent hurricane Laura?
–Brad and Amanda Barnard (09/26/2020)
–John-Paul Clark (10/05/2020)
–John-Paul Clark (09/27/2020)
Q: My buddy and I will be making a trip to the Lost Highway this weekend in my Gen 1 Raptor. Do you have any suggestions for gear besides the obvious? How big of a concern is high tide if one decides to camp? Just park and pitch a tent above the line of erosion? Thanks in advance! Chandler
–Chandler Hollis (06/17/2020)
–John-Paul Clark (06/17/2020)

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