Asbestos Mine

Globe, Arizona (Gila County)

Last Updated: 07/07/2021
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Highlight: Asbestos Mine
This iconic 4x4 trail to Asbestos Mine, on the southern edge of the Sierra Ancha Mountain region, climbs a difficult trail along Pocket Creek. Those who are familiar with the region will recognize Asbestos Point by its white mine tailings, they look like giant white angel wings from Highway 288. This trail is quite a challenge even for slightly modified vehicles but the rewards along the way and the views almost take your breath away when you finally reach the top. The mine began operating in 1915 but is now abandoned. While you're exploring the large site there are spectacular views of the Tonto Basin thousands of feet below. You can hike out the shelf road right on top of the white mine tailings and take some pictures of the really old excavator. There are a couple of nice fire pits to camp out and enjoy incredible star gazing.
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