Finney Creek Road

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4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Clayton, Georgia (Rabun County)
Last Updated: 10/16/2022
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A short and scenic trail just outside Clayton, Georgia, Finney Creek Road is one of many Forest Service roads in the Warwoman Wildlife Management Area of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Surrounded the entire way by sights and sounds of nature, there are plenty of camping and hunting areas along the trail as well as the main Warwoman Wildlife Management Area wild game check-in station. With hunting, camping and it's close proximity to numerous other trails, Finney Creek Road is a great trail to hit while out exploring the area.

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Trail Reviews

4.6/5 (10)
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Official Crew
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 10/16/2022

Smooth ride until the end, a few rougher spots. Still what I'd consider an easy trail.
Trail Review: Finney Creek Road - Dave Greenspan
Rated 4/5
Visited: 04/13/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Easy 4x4 road with a few camping spots. Also a few technical spots at the end but no problem for a jeep rubicon. Nice open view at the end
User Avatar
Rated 5/5
Visited: 02/07/2021

Decided to do a little exploring in our county and Finney Creek seemed like a good place to start. Also, since it had just snowed it seemed like a nice thing to spend some time doing. The trail was in very good shape and straight forward. We took our stock 2011 Wrangle JK Sport. There were a couple of rough sports near the end and a small water crossing. Nice way to spend a little free time.
Trail Review: Finney Creek Road - Jim Adams
User Avatar
Visited: 01/12/2021

Easy road but has some steep spots that make it fun. Starts to have some nice views on the right side as you near the top. Two camping spots at the top and one rocky spot that may prevent cars from clearing as you get near the top. Any stock SUV, truck, or Jeep will be fine. I did it in a stock F150 FX4 using 2wd on Michelin street tires.
Rated 4/5
Visited: 09/01/2020

This trail was promising but was being maintained (bush hogged) while I was there limiting my access to about a mile in. I pulled over and checked out a small falls area that I saw on the way up. A family was there as well and the Dad was happy to share a nearby trail with me which was a nice diversion and substitute with greater potential: Once back on War Woman continue east about 3.7 miles to Earls Ford Rd (about 8 miles away from 23/441 see map). Turn right (south), it's paved for about 1 mile when you come to a small bridge over creek, after that it's gravel and easy until you come to the river crossing. On the way to the river you'll note a couple turn off opportunities for mudding. The trail continues across the river but I was alone without wet gear or a spotter, either would have tempted me into a crossing but unsure of depths, deep troughs were noted at the boulders. I was also made aware of a trail named Sara's Creek a good distance farther than Earls Ford Rd and north, I did not see it on map but as you zoom into map you'll note a network of labeled "jeep trails". They look worth exploring but I'll need to wait for another day.
Trail Review: Finney Creek Road - GREG DEJOHN

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