Reform Road

Perryville, Arkansas (Saline County)

Last Updated: 10/24/2020
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Highlight: Reform Road
It's a well-known fact that this area of the Ouachita National Forest is incredibly picturesque, but doesn't offer anything very challenging or technical. However, there are a handful of fun trails in the area that are more "trail" like and not so much scenic gravel road, and Reform Road happens to be one of them! Reform Road offers a variety of just about everything in its 4.5 miles. It could be said it's the "total package" as far as trails go. In the first 2 miles, there will be mud, washouts, rock stair steps, and a couple of camping locations. Then the rest is a casual gravel road climb up to the increasingly popular Winona Auto Tour Scenic Drive. If you are wanting to get out and explore this area of the Ouachita National Forest and are looking for something a bit more "trail" oriented you'll want to check this one out for sure!


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1. Trailhead (0 mi)
The trailhead is located of of Alum Fork. Look for the road sign that says Lake Sylvia 8, State HWY9 8, that same sign also has the forest road number 179 attached to it.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Williams Junction, Arkansas

Head south on Highway 9 for 5.9 miles. Turn right onto Lake Winona Road and travel 4 miles then veer right onto Alum Fork/114. Travel 1.3 miles then turn right onto Reform Road/179.



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Derek Shoptaw

I am an Arkansas native that has a passion for exploring the roads less traveled, turning wrenches, getting dirty and having fun. I drive a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and enjoy finding and sharing with others what is in their own back yard. For some reason, most people think they have to plan some extravagant trip for it to be an adventure. While I don't want to take anything away from an extravagant trip out of state, an epic offroad adventure could be right down the road if you know where to look. I try to find these places and share them with others. It isn't always necessary to travel out of state in order to have a good time. In my opinion the great state of Arkansas offers everything a person could want if you know where to find it. I have an off-road Facebook page I call Offroad Testament, I'm also on Instagram and YouTube as Offroad Testament. Please take a moment to look them up and see what I'm about. Be safe, have fun and Happy Trailing✌️
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