Shooting Tree Ridge Road

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4.2/5 (8 reviews)
Pickens, South Carolina (Pickens County)
Last Updated: 09/19/2023
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Shooting Tree Ridge Road is the southern entrance of the Jim Timmerman Natural Resources Area at Jocassee Gorges, one of the only temperate rain forests in the United States east of the Cascade Mountains. This curvy, scenic drive follows up/down Bully Mountain and connects to the ever popular Horse Pasture Road with access to Jumping-Off Rock, one of the best views in the entire region. Hiking, camping, hunting or just a scenic ride through the forest and mountains make this a fun trail to explore whenever your in the area.

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Check out our Corbin Creek Road (46.62 mi away) trail guide for an All-Access Preview!

Trail Reviews

4.2/5 (8)
Visited: 10/23/2023

This is a nice addition to Horse Pasture. I like to start on this end and come back out on 178 on the north end. It's seasonal so catch this one while it's open, mid September to mid January.
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Official Crew
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Rated 5/5
Visited: 09/19/2023

Updated status to show trail is open.
Rated 4/5
Visited: 10/03/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Good road to get you up or down from the scenic Horse Pasture road.
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 04/30/2021

I would say the road is an easy drive as described because I never needed 4wd but it was still enjoyable. I took a 2018 F150 FX4 and stayed in 2wd the whole time. The first half of the road up to the bridge and water crossing coming from Cleo Chapman HWY are super easy and fairly boring but scenic. The half after the bridge on the side of Horse Pasture Rd was the fun side. While it was still able to be done it 2wd, this is the side with the best views and the side that has the steeper hills. It was fun and very doable for trucks and SUV's. I don't know that I would take a small car, or minivan. You may get lucky and make it or you may get high centered on the rain breaks and damage your car. After I came up to Horse Pasture Rd I turned left and went past the jumping off rock over look at the green gates that are closed seasonally. Took it down to Boot Leg Rd which then runs down to the lake. This road I also did down and back in 2wd but I also wouldn't take small cars, or minivans down there for the same reason. I back tracked and turned left after passing Shooting Tree Ridge Rd onto Dawkins Flat Rd. This was the tightest road I took all day but was still able to fit my full size truck in there. Just barely. It lead to a water crossing that had a red gate but it was open. The road eventually got wider and came back out on Horse Pasture Rd closer to HWY 178. Don't take a car, minivan or even less capable SUV's on this road.
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 10/17/2020

Beautiful trail with scenic views mixed in. I paired this with the Horse Pasture Road Trail and beyond. I will be back to use one of the campsites. I was out there early (8AM) and by noon most of the sites were filled. The sites are tucked in nicely off the path. I run a stock 2WD FJ Cruiser and the ride was easy but entertaining. I would feel completely comfortable bringing family with little ones. An added bonus to doing this trail is the ability to pair it with the HPT and extend your day. Lots of spots to hike and explore further.
Trail Review: Shooting Tree Ridge Road - Natalie
Trail Review: Shooting Tree Ridge Road - Natalie
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