Forest Service Road 333

Morganton, Georgia (Fannin County)

Last Updated: 05/13/2020
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Highlight: Forest Service Road 333
Following the Toccoa River along the base of John Dick Mountain, Forest Service Road 333 is the rarely used north western entrance of the Blue Ridge Wildlife Management Area of the Chattahoochee National Forest. This trail also offers access to the the Toccoa River Swinging Bridge along the Benton MacKaye Trail, a 300+ mile hiking trail along the Appalachian Mountains that spans across three states. With hiking, fishing, camping and access to numerous other trails, Forest Service Road 333 is a fun addition to any day in the mountains of North Georgia.


Route Information

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Recommended Vehicle:
Stock SUV with High Clearance and 4 Low
Poorly maintained gravel Forest Service road with ruts and large potholes starting from way point seven to ten. Gets muddy in wet conditions. One mild/medium water crossing.

Technical Rating

Typically, more rock or undulated road surface. Potential rocks and/or tree stumps less than 12" tall and/or vertical ledges less than 12" tall and/or near vertical ledges or waterfalls less than 24" inches. Tire placement becomes more difficult. Can be steep.
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Forest Service Road 333 can be ran in either direction.The eastern portion of this trail from Rock Creek Road to the Benton MacKaye Trail is a fairly smooth gravel road with one shallow water crossing making it suitable for most passenger vehicles with adequate ground clearance. The western portion of the trail from the Benton MacKaye Trail to Doublehead Gap Road is considerably rougher. The gravel is worn away in many spots making it a notoriously muddy road in even the slightest wet conditions. This portion of the trail is also more rocky with a few small ruts, potholes, and uneven terrain making four wheel drive recommended, especially in wet conditions.


1. Eastern Trailhead (0 mi)
This trail starts as the right hand path at the first fork in the road after the bridge. To the left is Forest Service Road 766. There are no signs or markers at this intersection for either direction.
2. Camping Area (0.1 mi)
Immediately after the trail starts is a small, non-designated camping area on the right.
3. Fork - Stay Right (0.1 mi)
Stay to the right at this fork in the road. Forest Service Road 248 is on the left, clearly marked with a sign. Forest Service Road 333 to the right is unmarked.
4. Camping Area/Water Crossing (0.2 mi)
There are small, non-designated camping areas on both sides of the road. There is also a water crossing here.
5. Camping Area (0.5 mi)
On the right is a small clearing, commonly used as a non-designated camping area.
6. Fork - Stay Left (0.6 mi)
Stay left at the fork in the road. To the right is Forest Service Road 308. Although there is no gate or sign, this road is listed as permanently closed on every Forest Service map.
7. Benton MacKaye Trail (1 mi)
Here is an intersection with the popular Benton MacKaye Trail. The road becomes considerably rougher from this point on. There is enough room to turn around here. Following the Benton MacKaye Trail down the hill to the right (north) is the Toccoa River Swinging Bridge.
8. Toccoa River Swinging Bridge (1 mi)
The Toccoa River Swinging Bridge is just a short five minute hike along the Benton MacKaye Trail downhill from the road. It is possible to climb down to the river bank and trout fish here.
9. Clearing/Fork - Stay Left (2.9 mi)
Stay left to head down the hill at this fork in the road and small clearing just before the end of the trail. To the right is private property and posted as such.
10. Western Trailhead (3 mi)
The western trailhead is an intersection with Old Rock Creek Road. This end of the trail is marked with a sign, and a warning that it is for 4x4's only.

Directions to Trailhead

From Morganton, Georgia - head southeast on Highway 60 for 14.4 miles. Turn right onto Rock Creek Road and proceed for 2.2 miles. Turn right at the unmarked road and cross the bridge. Stay right/west at the immediate fork.


There are multiple non-designated camping areas along this road. These are on a first-come, first-served basis and fill up early and quickly when the weather is nice. There is dispersed camping throughout the Chattahoochee National Forest including the nearby trail, Rock Creek Road. The designated fee-camping area, the Frank Gross campground is also along Rock Creek Road. Additionally, nearby Amicalola State Park offers camping, cabins and lodging.
Camping: Forest Service Road 333

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Q: Can this trail be run in either direction?
–Erin (06/21/2018)
A: Sure can!
–Dave G. (09/07/2018)

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