Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road

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5/5 (4 reviews)
Alamo, Nevada (Lincoln County)
Last Updated: 04/19/2023
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The Alamo Canyon Road is an easy trail to the ghost town of Delamar, located in the remote Delamar Valley in Lincoln County, Nevada. Along this route you will pass through the rugged rocks of Alamo Canyon, cross dry lake beds, view ancient Native American petroglyphs, and traverse Joshua Tree forests. All this before reaching the crumbling ruins of the western ghost town of Delamar. Along the way you will have opportunities, if you're lucky, to photograph wild horses and other wildlife, including bighorn sheep and deer.

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Alamo Canyon Road is an easy, well maintained road that gently cuts through the Hiko Range and then crosses the Eight Mile Valley. You will then skirt the southern portion of the South Pahroc Mountains before crossing the dry lake bed of the Delamar Flats. Once across the flats you will slowly climb into the Joshua Tree forests of the eastern side of the Delamar Valley. At waypoint 09, as you head east up the wash, the road can be a bit rough and is subject to flooding and washouts. This is an open range grazing area, so watch for cattle on the road.

Trail Reviews

5/5 (4)
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Rated 5/5
Visited: 04/18/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

I ran the Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road in reverse. Overall this is an easy trail, but if running it in reverse, the climb out of the Delamar townsite is steep with plenty of loose rocky areas to negotiate requiring high clearance, a low range transfer case, and limited slip differential. If coming from Alamo Canyon Road, you'll have gravity helping you down, but be aware that the recent severe winter in the area has increased the difficulty somewhat so take it slow! I give this trail 5 stars for Delamar as there is a lot to see around the town that once had a population over 3000.
Rated 5/5
Visited: 02/17/2021

Headed out to Delamar from Vegas, entered near Alamo. Easy graded dirt road for a long while through some very scenic area. The dry lake bed was really really cool, and I didn’t realize how much history has occurred there, be sure to look it up! Lots of cows here too. Further along saw a herd of wild horses. At waypoint 8 the trail gets very rocky and it was surprising given the ease of the trail until that point. It was really rocky, and it took us a long time to traverse the hill to the ghost town. We had no clearance issues in a stock 4wd 4Runner, but it was anxiety inducing for sure. The road smooths out at the top of the road in the ghost town. The town is the largest ghost town I’ve ever seen with tons of building remains. This turned out to be a day long adventure and I highly recommend it, it was a lot of fun. We never saw anyone else in the area the entire day.
Trail Review: Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road - Broc Addis
Trail Review: Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road - Broc Addis
Rated 5/5
Visited: 01/31/2021

Decided to take the truck out for it's maiden off-road voyage and decided this trail was perfect for the truck and myself to test both (1st time off-roading for me). This trail checked all of the checkboxes for me. There was show, mud, water crossing, rocks, and beautiful scenery. The "water crossing" was only about 20 feet across and was only due to the melted snow but something to be mindful of if you are going out after a snow or after rain that you might run into a good amount of mud on the section of the trail near the dry lake bed which was between waypoints 4 and 5. We brought carrots hoping to get to feed some of the wild horse but unfortunately, none were close. We finally saw 1 horse at the top of a hill about 100 yards away but that was obviously too far way. The family had a great time and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a rather easy trail to explore. 4x4 may not be required but I would say some decent clearance would be. 90% of the trail is very flat and is an easy drive that any car could make (the only exception being after rain/snow where you will run into deep mud) but once you get to way point 9, that is where the trail turns very rocky. If you don't have at least 7-8" of clearance, take it very slow to not damage your vehicle.
Trail Review: Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road - Anthony Reddic
Visited: 01/18/2020

Great family outing! Getting to Delmar was a great drive beside the few miles of washboard. We saw the herd of wild horses on the way up with was very cool( the kids loved it). Arriving to the town there were a few other people taking in the history of what once stood. There are tons of old mines. some of which are still left the way the were abandoned (as always enter at own risk and would not recommend entering most of them due to the unstable and risky nature) Exploring the town was a great experience and would definitely do it again with more time.
Trail Review: Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road - Lane Loftis
Trail Review: Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road - Lane Loftis
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