Cedar Wash and Bishop Road

Caliente, Nevada (Lincoln County)

Last Updated: 12/21/2017
Highlight: Cedar Wash and Bishop Road
The Delamar Mountains are located in a remote region of one of the least populated counties the United States. As you climb in elevation the abandoned mines of the Delamar area soon give way to the pine forests of the Delamar Mountains. Once you cross the mountains you will drop into the Kane Spring Wash, just outside of Rainbow Canyon. There are wild horses, bighorn sheep and deer in abundance on this 4x4 trail. Since you will be traveling well above 5000 feet expect cooler temperatures, a pleasant escape in the summer months. At the trail end, turn east on Kane Spring Road and in 3.5 miles you will come to the small town of Elgin on Highway 317, also known as the Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive. From there it is about 21 miles north to Caliente.
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