Mud Hills Northern Route - Calico CA

Barstow, California (SanBernardino County)

Last Updated: 12/18/2017
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Highlight: Mud Hills Northern Route - Calico CA
The Mud Hills, a vast formation of hardened muds hills cut up by canyons, sits inside the famous offroad area known as Calico. It offers hours of off-road entertainment and camping in close proximity to Highway 15. This Northern Route is a popular cut-through and has everything an off-road enthusiast could want from high-speed berms and narrow canyons to steep hills and ledges. On top of that, when this area gets a little water, it turns into a giant slip and slide, making even the easiest routes almost impossible. The next time you are in your short wheelbase 4x4, take an off-road adventure through the Mud Hills of Calico California.
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