1N09 - City Creek

Redlands, California (San Bernardino County)

Last Updated: 06/21/2022
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Whether you are into overlanding, 4x4'ing, or rock crawling, the mountains of the San Bernardino Nation Forest are a common area for people to seek adventure and memories. On the front side of Big Bear, is an off-road route that is still barely known, even though it is right off Highway 330, which is the main highway up to Big Bear. 1N09, or City Creek Road as it's also known is a magical scenic drive that can easily be made into a day trip or weekend adventure. The path itself is not that hard, but as you travel east among the dense forests, you are pleasantly surprised by the many water crossings the trail has. So the next time you are going up to Big Bear to do a little wheeling, instead of doing a little overlanding on 3N16 again, check out 1N09 City Creek Road for a taste of the mountains lush past and tranquil beauty.


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1. 1N09 - City Creek West Trailhead at HWY 330 (0 mi)
The trail splits off of Highway 330 heading south then quickly turns east. It is easy to see the area due to the large pull out on the side of the road in the curve. The area is large enough for trailers if you wanted to tow.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Highland, CA

From Highland, California at Highway 330 and Highland Ave intersection. Take Highway 330 north past the fire station continuing up the hill until you come to a turnout on the right side roughly 6.1 miles from Highland Ave. The turn out on the right is 1N09 City Creek Road.



Land Use Issues

You can find out about trail closures and additional information at: Big Bear Discovery Center 41374 North Shore Drive, Highway 38 Fawnskin, CA 92333 Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 5 days/week Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays Located at: 40971 North Shore Drive/ Hwy 38, Fawnskin CA 92333 Phone: (909) 382-2790 Mailing address: PO Box 290 Fawnskin, CA 92333 (909) 382-2790 (voice) (TDD/TTY dial (800) 735-2922)

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Q: Hello, this trail has dispersed camping. Are there good areas to camp that has not been closed due to COVID?
–Enrico (04/21/2020)
–Josh Noesser (04/21/2020)
Q: Would you recommend this trail the day after it rains.
–Brenan Booth (02/21/2020)
–Josh Noesser (02/22/2020)
Q: we drove to 1N09 on April 14, 2019 and the gate was closed off. Will they be open soon? We are planning a family vacation in June and would like to take this trail, on our way.
–patricia amsbry (04/26/2019)
–Josh Noesser (04/28/2019)
–Josh Noesser (04/28/2019)
Q: Is all trails open now? How cold does it gets in May?
–Sodarith Pay (04/11/2019)
–Josh Noesser (04/11/2019)
Q: Does anyone want to take a drive through this trail soon. None of my buddies have a 4x4 and since I'm a newbie I'd like to start out with someone more experienced. I'm in Jeep GC Overland with 20inch Cooper AT3 tires
–Macho ortega (03/17/2019)
–Josh Noesser (03/19/2019)
–Macho ortega (03/19/2019)
–Josh Noesser (03/19/2019)
Q: I have 2WD FJ. Will I be able to tackle this trail?
–Bryan Runtu (12/05/2018)
–Josh Noesser (12/05/2018)
Q: Is 72 inches wide Can am maverick too wide for big bear lake or you would recommend the normal width? Trying to decide which one to purchase
–Daniel Saieh (11/25/2018)
–Daniel Saieh (11/25/2018)
–Josh Noesser (11/25/2018)
Q: There's mention of a campsite between waypoints 19 and 20. Are there existing fire rings? Assuming it's a non fire danger season/day, can one have a wood campfire at these campsites?
–Archie (11/14/2018)
–Josh Noesser (11/16/2018)
Q: Have purchased Toyota tacoma TRD off road 4.4. Can I take this to this trail?(first timer) . Also where do I purchase off road permit as it requires in some website as preps for off roading? How do I acquire/purchase this road map?
–wook chong kwon (06/21/2018)
–Josh Noesser (06/21/2018)
Q: Can you take UTV’s on this trail if so is there a place I could park my my truck and trailer
–Nick Velasquez (03/03/2018)
–Josh Noesser (03/05/2018)

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Josh Noesser

Mapping Crew - California

Joshua Noesser grew up in Southern California but has lived in different parts of the country during his young adult life. Josh was first turned to four wheeling when he road with one of his friends dad up Surprise Canyon in the Panamint Valley at age14. After nearly 3 different roll overs later and a half dozen intense waterfalls, Josh was hooked. At 16 he purchased his first Jeep a CJ 7 and by 17 was putting his first locker in it. Currently, Josh is the owner and CEO of Nybble, an IT Solutions Company based in Orange County, California. Nybble isn't your normal IT company where everyone stays in and plays video games. Nybble's average company trip is out on the trails since a good amount of his staff enjoy wheeling too. As Josh likes to say, he offers the only IT Company with the ability to provide services in extreme locations. "If you want a server at the top of The Hammers, we will take care of that for you." Today you can find Josh out on the trail behind the wheel in one of his three different off-road vehicles. See the vehicles below for more information. If you ever run into Josh, please say high, he is a very friendly person and is always happy to have a new person join the group.
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