Rolls OHV FR 1863

Fountain Hills, Arizona (Maricopa County)

Last Updated: 07/07/2021
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The Rolls OHV Area is a special place in the Phoenix Valley offering breathtaking views that are accessible by stock 4x4 vehicles. This particular trail offers a chance to explore some of the narrow canyons of The Rolls region. This trail and region in general is popular with the atv and dirt bike community because of the sandy washes and narrow winding canyons. You can spend a weekend exploring the area while camping at one of the coves on Saguaro Lake. Or follow one of the arteries leading north to the Four Peaks region for some spectacular panoramas, returning later to the coves, for dinner and a bonfire on the shoreline. The Coves and Rolls Area is always under threat of closure because of misuse, so please always pack in - pack out, completely extinguish fires and follow the designated trails. You DO need a Tonto Day pass to park in the paved parking lot nearby. You DO NOT need a Tonto Pass when you are off-road, at the lake coves or camping in the desert. The trail has many hazards along the way, including the typical desert predators so please be cautious when outside the vehicle.


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1. Trailhead / Staging (0 mi)
Begin the trail after entering the large fenced parking area, travel south along the FR1863. There are very nice information boards and a map of the entire trail system at the entrance of the trail.

Directions to Trailhead

From the Mesa Arizona, Loop 202, travel 27 miles north on Highway 87 and after passing mile marker 203 turn right onto Four Peaks exit. Travel east on the dirt road, the trailhead is located in the back of the large fenced parking area on the south side of the trail. From the north, travel south on Highway 87 until passing mile marker 202. Turn left onto Four Peaks Road.



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