Bug Road

Tygh Valley, Oregon (Wasco County)

Last Updated: 07/03/2022
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Highlight: Bug Road
Bug Road is a tale of two seasons: the wet and the dry. During the dry season, the road is a fun, easy path to get from the main road (NF-48 also known as Barlow Road) to Barlow Trail (NF-3530) where pioneer wagons once rolled and where overlanders now drive their trucks to recreate the pioneer days. During the wet season, Bug Road becomes a muddy morass of deep water-filled holes and mud pits that can swallow up a stock vehicle. Only the adventurous with built rigs, relocated air intakes, sealed electrical systems, and a pioneer's spirit attempt Bug Road when the holes are full of water. Those who explore Bug Road will find the trail winding its way through mixed pine and scrub oak forest, and patchy grasslands away from the busy pavement of NF-48 nearby. Hunters often come to this area to hunt for deer and elk while birders use Bug Road to access the White River Wildlife Refuge to hunt rare birds with their cameras. In the spring, the sweet young grass toward the end of the trail blows in great swirls the afternoon breeze. In the fall, the oak leaves turn brilliant shades of red and orange before the onslaught of winter snows. While the road is short, it is fun regardless of the season and well worth the time to visit.
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