26E219 - Bald Mountain

Shaver Lake, California (Fresno County)
Last Updated: 10/28/2018
5/5 (4 reviews)
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Status: Open
Typically Open: 06/01 - 03/31
Difficulty: 3-8
Length: 4.4 miles
Highest Elevation: 7851 feet
Duration: About 1 hour 40 minutes
Shape of Trail: Connector
Best Direction to Travel: West
Nearest Town: Shaver Lake
Nearest Town w/ Services: Shaver Lake
Official Road Name: 26E219
Management Agency: Sierra National Forest
District: High Sierra Ranger District
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Highlight: 26E219 - Bald Mountain

This scenic 4x4 trail includes something for everyone with its numerous difficult lines that can be bypassed by those looking for an easier route. At the peak of Bald Mountain and Hollywood Hill, you will find panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, Shaver Lake and the San Joaquin Valley. If the daytime views aren't enough for you, head to the tower at sunset and watch the sun fade into the night time lights of Fresno below. 26E219 - Bald Mountain is only one of many off-road trails in the Bald Mountain OHV area which sits just east of Shaver Lake in the Sierra National Forest.


Route Information

Technical Rating: (3-8)

Heavy rock and/or severe ruts. Rocks exceeding hub height frequent. Shelves to 12". Deep mud or uphill mud sections. Steep grades to 25 degrees and can be loose or rocky. Water crossings may exceed 30" in depth. Side hill to 30 degrees. One vehicle wide. Body damage possible. Experience needed. Vehicle Modifications helpful.

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Bald Mountain Trail is closed 04/01-05/30 each year, but this is subject to extended or early closures. This seasonal closure is to minimize erosion and damage to the trail durring the snow melt. Forest Service Trail Status Bald Mountain Trail includes dirt, rocks, more rocks, twists, turns, climbs, sand, more rocks, optional hard lines and views that will leave you in awe. Bald mountain trail is an easy trail, but includes some borderline extreme obstacle that can be easily bypassed. Leading from Rock Creek Road at its east end to the Bald Mountain Tower at its west end, this trail has alot to offer. At only 4.4 miles long, one might think this would be a quick trail, but you will find it is easy to spend a full day or more here. Bald Mountain is a great trail for any off-roader from beginner to advanced. The Bald Mountain OHV trail system is maintained by the Clovis Independent 4-wheelers under an Adopt-A-Trail / volunteer agreement with the Sierra National Forest.

Seasonal Information

Spring:Usually closed
Summer:Usually dry
Fall:Usually dry
Winter:Usually covered in snow, but still passable


1. Bald Mountain Trailhead / Lower Green Gate

The trailhead is on the west side of Rock Creek Road.

2. 26E330 - Powder Hill Intersection (Turn Left) (0.33 mi)

Turn left / south here to stay on Bald Mountain. Straight is 26E330 - Powder Hill.

3. Optional Steep Rock (0.5 mi)

Continue straight or turn up this optional steep rock obstacle.

4. Open Area (0.72 mi)

Continue straight or take a break at this open area before heading up Little Snot.

5. Little Snot (0.75 mi)

Continue up Little Snot. There is no bypass for section, so pick your line and make your way up this rocky grade.

6. Rocky Up (0.97 mi)

Continue up this Rocky Hill. Again, there are no bypasses here, so you will have make your way over these rocks.

7. Ledge (1.09 mi)

Continue up and over the Ledge. Again, there are no bypasses here.

8. Hollywood Hill Intersection (1.3 mi)

Turn left to follow this track to V Rock and Hollywood Hill.

9. V Rock (1.36 mi)

Continue up and over this monster or bypass it to the side.

10. Hollywood Hill (1.52 mi)

This is an added scenic stop. Get out and enjoy the view or drive around and play on the rocks here. Turn around and head back to Waypoint 8, then Waypoint 11 to continue on.

11. Scenic Stop (1.87 mi)

Continue straight or stop to checkout the views. This is another scenic waypoint.

12. 26E330 - Powder Hill Intersection (west) (2.1 mi)

Continue straight. To the north is the west end of 26E330 - Powder Hill.

13. Sand Flats (2.7 mi)

Continue straight, through Sand Flats, where the trees and surrounding hills enclose on the trail.

14. Sand Flat Hill (2.8 mi)

Continue up and over Sand Flat Hill.

15. 26E211 Plain Intersection (3 mi)

Continue straight. 26E211 - Plain is on the right / east.

16. Big Snot (3.1 mi)

Turn sharp left to head up Big Snot; a large pile of boulders protruding from the hill side, or continue straight as the trail curves left / west to bypass this obstacle.

17. Bear Rock (3.4 mi)

Continue straight around Bear Rock. This is another great spot to stop and enjoy the views.

18. Posi Hill (3.9 mi)

Turn left, up Posi Hill and follow this track to go through the Posi Hill obstacle. If you want to bypass Posi Hill, continue straight at the bottom the hill.

19. Final Climb (4.1 mi)

Continue straight, up this final climb to the Bald Mountain Peak.

20. Intersection with Northern Trails ( Keep Left ) (4.3 mi)

Turn left, toward the tower as the northern trails intersect. The trails to the north are 25E213 - Tower, 25E318 - Deadman’s Curve and 25E2090 -Bend.

21. The Tower (4.4 mi)

You've reached the end of the trail. Get out and enjoy the view, check out the tower and take a few pictures. There are great views of Shaver Lake and the surround mountains here. When you've had enough, head out the way came in or you can follow the northern trails up to Rock Creek Road. If you choose this route, head north on 25E209 - Bend, to 25E208 - Bow Tie and continue north to Rock Creek Road. Once at Rock Creek Road, turn right / east and follow it back to the Bald Mountain Trailhead.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 37.101173, -119.169731

Starting Point: Fresno, California

Take 168 east / north toward Huntington Lake for about 12 miles. Continue onto CA-168 / Tollhouse Road for about 21 miles. Turn left to stay on CA-168 for another 14.5 miles. Turn right to follow Dinky Creek Road for 9.1 miles. Turn left on Rock Creek Road. The Bald Mountain Trailhead will be on the left / west side of Rock Creek Road in 3.5 miles.


Camping _on_ this trail is not recommended but there are plenty of camping locations near-by. Basecamp @ 37.124522, -119.174052 includes fire rings, picnic tables and vault toilets. Basecamp is opened 04/15-12/15 of each year. Dispersed camping is available just about anywhere along Rock Creek Road, including an area just outside the Bald Mountain trailhead on the other side of Rock Creek Road. More improved camping can be found at the Dinkey Creek Campground @ 37.068126, -119.156926. The nearest hotels, including Shaver Lake Village Hotel, are about a half hour away, in the town of Shaver Lake.
Camping: 26E219 - Bald Mountain

Writer Information

G. Martin

Mapping Crew - California
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G. Martin, gm4x4 on Youtube , is a California native, born and raised in northern California and now living and wheeling in southern California. He enjoys exploring new trails and setting up camp in the remote outdoors. Always looking for new ideas on improving his outdoor "system", his Jeep is his main off-road tool, but he also incorporates ham radio, multiple mapping devices and a few other pieces of technology into his off-road adventures. You may come across him in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the mountains of Big Bear, in the central Sierras near Shaver Lake or any other dirty, rocky road in the southwest. TrailsOffroad offers a focus point in G.Martin's offroad exploration.


Questions & Answers (1)

Q: Would I be totally nuts to try and take a Stock 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon up this trail?
–Tyler McLemore (10/26/2018)
A: A Power Wagon should do fine on the easy lines of Blad Mountain. On V-rock or Posi Hill, that might be a little nuts. :)
–G. Martin (10/28/2018)

Trail Reviews (4)

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
I ran Bald Hill as a "shortcut" back to Shaver Lake coming from Dinkey Creek. Love this trail! It's been a few years since I was on it. I think this trail guide sells the trail short specifically between Waypoints 5 and 7 where the obstacles are probably more in line with a minimum rating of "7" on the current Trails Off Road rating scale. The ledge/shelf at the upper end of WP5 is dug out enough to make it a real challenge for a vehicle with smaller tires, like many stock trucks come with. Just about everything else except for the area between Waypoints 5 and 7 has bypasses that stock vehicles can handle. If you're in a stock rig or don't have a lot of experience driving on Sierra trails, you might prefer to come from the north side from Tamarack Ridge to get to the old lookout tower on Bald Mountain. Fun fact: my dad used to regularly go visit his buddy who was the fire lookout at Bald Mountain for a summer or two in the 1970s. Back then, they used to have the bed and chair in the old lookout set up on little porcelain insulators to protect the lookout during thunder storms.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Took the Colorado ZR2 to Bald Mountain and found a little snow in some areas, but nothing deep enough to make a difference yet.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Another great time on this trail. We went for all the hard options this time; V Rock, Big Snot and Posi Hill.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
It was cold, but no snow. This trail is great! The top of Bald mountain has some incredible views and there are plenty of side trails to explore.