Strawberry Lake Trail

Shaver Lake, California (Fresno County)

Last Updated: 09/07/2020
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Highlight: Strawberry Lake Trail
Located in the Sierra National Forest just outside of Shaver Lake, Strawberry Lake is one of the prettiest little lakes you will find. The Sierra National Forest is a popular destination to escape and reconnect with nature, family, and friends. Towering conifers line the trail to the lake where you will pass several small lakes and ponds in the area. The forest is dense, but you catch glimpses of the granite capped mountains in the distance. Once you reach the lake, you will find it surrounded by towering granite mountains. You will immediately feel the charm of its peaceful seclusion. By foot, you can explore many hiking trails around the lake or launch your kayak and even do some fishing. The scenery is breathtaking. Whether you like off-roading, camping, fishing, or playing in the water, Strawberry lake has something for everyone.
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