Walker Ridge Road

3.7/5 (5 reviews)
Williams, California (Lake County)
Last Updated: 01/14/2019
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Walker Ridge Road is a fun ridge run with fantastic views down to Indian Valley Reservoir to the west and Bear Valley to the east. Beyond that are the seemingly endless scalloped ridgelines of the geological fault zone that lies between Clear Lake and the Sacramento Valley. Located entirely on BLM land, It is popular with offroaders, hunters, and target shooters. There is a nearby campground situated alongside the reservoir, on which fishing, boating, and swimming are encouraged.

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3.7/5 (5 reviews)
Status: Open
Rated 3/5
Visited: 01/21/2021

The trail was very easy to drive. it's possible to make this trail with a 2wd. there were several different campsites including Blue Oak campsite which is located to the right side as you go along the trail. I understand this is a popular target shooting area but this place was riddled with bullet holes and ammo casings, everywhere we turned for potential camping spots it was just too much it was kind of a turnoff for me and my crew as campers. There was also a lot of trash and broken beer bottles everywhere. as explorers and adventurers, it's up to us to keep the places we travel clean. Overall, fun beginner trail for someone looking to see if this is what they want to do.
Status: Open
Rated 4/5
Visited: 01/10/2021

Had a great time on the trail. Some dirt bikes not crowded at all. Nice easy trail beautiful views. Definitely be heading back to camp.
Trail Review: Walker Ridge Road - Dino
Trail Review: Walker Ridge Road - Dino
Status: Open
Rated 4/5
Visited: 05/21/2020

I had so much fun going up this trail. It was up high with nice view and my stock Land Rover did just fine. (I even saw a Honda Ridgeline going up). Saw few people camping and some were shooting. It gets bumpy but nothing extreme. Worth a visit for a beginner!
Trail Review: Walker Ridge Road - Jake
Vlad Mott
Official Crew
Status: Impassable
Visited: 06/25/2018

Closed by the Pawnee fire.
Status: Open
Visited: 03/29/2018

Nice trip; explored some mines, a little target shooting, and some canoeing. The Indian Valley Reservoir campground was closed (seasonal?) so we stayed at the Blue Oak Campground (free, has a single vault toilet and six sites). Thanks for the excellent description; I wasn't aware of this place.

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