Silver Basin

Ouray, Colorado (Ouray County)

Last Updated: 05/12/2022
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Highlight: Silver Basin
Located in the mountains of Uncompahgre National Forest near Ouray, Silver Basin is another astonishing high alpine basin with world-renowned wildflower displays. Unlike the other heavily trafficked basins off of Camp Bird Road, Silver Basin is typically a quiet drive where you would be surprised to see another vehicle let alone several other vehicles. Be prepared to experience abundant wildflowers, old mines, gorgeous waterfalls, crystal clear alpine lakes, and fantastic views of the southern Sneffles Range. If you are driving around for the views, don't skip this awesome trail. If you are looking for a more difficult trail to test your 4x4 Low range, this trail will not disappoint you. Your vehicle will be pointed skyward for most of your journey, so clear off those dashboards! The reward is a pair of glacial lakes at the end of the trail, at or above the treeline. But hurry up, the glacier is advancing and you only have a couple of million years give or take before this area changes forever.
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