Springer Ridge Road

Tygh Valley, Oregon (Wasco County)

Last Updated: 09/30/2020
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Highlight: Springer Ridge Road
The story of Springer Mountain Road is one of transition and transformation, of rain and sun, and of the many varied ecosystems of the eastern slope of the Oregon Cascades. The metamorphosis from alpine forest to scrub oak and savanna that started on the 2730-190 road continues in earnest on Springer Mountain Road culminating in wide open oak savanna at the end of the trail. The first tendrils of deep powdery dust reminiscent of the famed Australian Outback bulldust begin on the lower reaches of Springer Mountain Road and continue onto the connecting Shell Rock Road. Rumors of a hidden waterfall lurking on private land and a rock climbing paradise in the Mount Hood National Recreation Area Fifteenmile Unit bring many adventurers to Springer Mountain Road; the adventure of heading east from the crest of the Cascades to the deserts of Central Oregon lures in many off-road enthusiasts to explore this trail.
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