Pine Mountain Lookout

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Upper Lake, California (Mendocino County)
Last Updated: 01/14/2019

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An easy dirt road winds through mixed douglas fir and ponderosa pine forest to reach a rustic former fire lookout which can be rented for two nights at a time. The lookout is perched on a stone outcropping at an elevation of 4,400 feet. There are 180-degree views of endless mountain peaks and verdant forest. A variety of bird species inhabit the forest, and visitors may spot eagles, owls, hawks and osprey. Black-tailed deer, jackrabbits, quail, and wild turkey are also often encountered. Pine Mountain Lookout was constructed in 1933 and used for fire detection until 1942. During World War II, the lookout served as part of an aircraft defense monitoring system that extended throughout California. This lookout is historically significant because it only offers 180-degree views of the surrounding terrain, while other lookouts have 360-degree views.

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