Winiger Ridge (Gross Reservoir)

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4.3/5 (33 reviews)
Boulder, Colorado (Boulder County)
Last Updated: 12/05/2023
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Located 45 minutes southwest of Boulder, Winiger Ridge is the only 4wd road that allows access to the western side of Gross Reservoir. This easy trail is great for weekend camp trips with friends or day trips to the lake for some fishing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Be aware that there is no swimming allowed in Gross Reservoir. This trail is a little rough but short and easy enough that any 4WD enthusiast can do it. Just be aware the trail could be crowded with other drivers and many hikers and is only a single car wide.

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Trail Reviews

4.3/5 (33)
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Official Crew
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Seasonal Closure
Visited: 11/30/2023

Trail is now official under seasonal closure.
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Visited: 10/14/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

Nice short trail. Very easy. I’ve done some 2s that are harder than this. That one steep climb shouldn’t be a problem for most AWD crossovers with a little clearance, in dry conditions. I aired down for comfort, but in the end seemed like a bit of a hassle for such a short trail. Vehicle for reference: Outback Wilderness with larger Falken Wildpeak AT3W’s
Rated 4/5
Visited: 10/08/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

My stock 2023 Outback Wilderness made it through this with no problem at all, even the steeper, rutted entrance to one of the campsites (9 maybe?). I think this trail is on the softer side of 3, but a few features do require reasonably good clearance.
Rated 5/5
Visited: 10/01/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

Camping was grate. trail is open now and closed for the paddle boating for the season.
Trail Review: Winiger Ridge (Gross Reservoir) - Michael Simmons
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 09/12/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

Cool trail to go camping on I just wanted to scout it out and see what it was. My stock Tacoma had no problem.

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