Cooper Mine Trail

Ballarat, California (Inyo County)

Last Updated: 03/15/2019
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Highlight: Cooper Mine Trail
Somewhat hidden amongst the grandeur of Pleasant Canyon lies this rocky mine trail to a decrepit, horizontal adit east of Porter Peak. The adit is part of the Cooper Mine which lies on a precarious road that even this Trails Offroad crew was afraid to drive to due to road conditions. The trail ascends from the valley floor and and ends at the mine entrance.

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The rocky forest trail ascends in a northeastern direction and steadily climbs upward getting rockier and narrower as you go.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Ballarat

Proceed along the Pleasant Canyon Loop Trail and the trailhead is east of the Porter Mine Road. The trail is unmarked on Google Maps so you'll need this GPS track or a USGS topo map to find it.



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The vehicle and motorcycle entrance fees are $25 and $20, respectively, for 7 days. Vehicles are allowed to enter and exit the national park at will as many times as they want. For all entrance fee payment locations, go to:

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Marc Nitz

Mapping Crew - California

Marc Nitz is a southern California native who loves exploring the outdoors. This is in large part due to his parents' love of summer road trips. Each summer the Nitz clan would venture out for at least one week driving and camping to assorted U.S. destinations west of the Rocky Mountains. Marc bought his first 4x4 at 17 years old and began seeking out more places off the beaten path. Now 30 years later, Marc explores the countryside with a family of his own. Some of Marc's favorite trails include California's Titus Canyon Road and the Pleasant Canyon Loop Trail, Colorado's Alpine Loop, and Utah's White Rim Trail. Most of all, Marc enjoys meeting fellow off-roaders and he is affiliated with a few 4X4 clubs in Southern California that has allowed him to do just that.
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