Craigie Creek Road

Willow, Alaska (Matanuska-Susitna County)

Last Updated: 06/20/2020
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Highlight: Craigie Creek Road
Gold mines, mining cabins, grizzly bears, eagles, and a moderately challenging trail don't interest you? Of course they do! This trail has a little bit of everything on it and is a favorite of more than a few. Mining relics, mine shafts, mining buildings, tools, and machinery litter the valley in a homage to the rich gold mining of the area that continues on today. People still actively mine this area so please be respectful of their equipment and claims. This trail sits just a couple valleys over from the popular Independence Mine State Historical Park. Do not remove any mining artifacts, leave them for everyone to enjoy.


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1. Trailhead (0 mi)
Limited parking is available here; more parking is available along the road at a small turnout. Keep the private property access open and do not block the gate.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Wasilla

From Palmer or Wasilla: Take Fishhook-Willow Road/Hatcher Pass Road and head towards Hatcher Pass following the road signs to Hatcher Pass. Drive the steep paved ascent into Hatcher Pass for several miles and a few hairpin turns until the road makes an abrupt left to a gated gravel road that goes over the pass (generally open around July 4 - snowfall, call DNR to be sure) staying straight will take you past the Hatcher Pass Lodge Hatcher Pass Lodge via Gold Cord Road and will end at Independence Mine State Historical Park. Drive carefully over the pass, it might be best to engage 4WD now to help get over the pass if you don't have much weight under your drive axle as the road is steep, loose gravel, and normally potholed​. Motorhomes and long trailers are not recommended. Follow the road by taking a left at the next gate to remain on Fishhook-Willow Road/Hatcher Pass Road and not go straight onto Upper Willow Road. Continue along Fishhook-Willow Road/Hatcher Pass Road until you reach Craigie Creek Road.


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