Oil Well Flat

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4/5 (1 reviews)
Huntington, Utah (Emery County)
Last Updated: 05/03/2019
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Oil Well Flat is a fun, off-road trail located just outside Huntington, UT. This desert trail offers a grand showcase of what is truly a natural wonder, the San Rafael Swell. The shifting terrain is sure to keep you wondering what’s around the next bend. You’ll zig –zag your way through junipers, and bobbing slopes of red sandstone. Beyond this is a clearing in the trees, where the trail parallels alongside the towering canyon walls. Spring and fall are prime seasons to visit, when temperatures are moderate. The summer months will likely be uncomfortably hot. There is a long list of activities for the adventurous to explore throughout the surrounding area, including hiking, biking, horseback riding and plenty of off-road trails.

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Check out our Cane Wash (1.82 mi away) trail guide for an All-Access Preview!

Trail Reviews

4/5 (1)
Rated 4/5
Visited: 04/07/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Rather simple connecter road. Great access to can wash road, fixit pass and others. Road is in great condition with only a few minor obstacles.

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