Skidmore Fork/Dunkle Hollow Road

4.6/5 (15 reviews)
Harrisonburg, Virginia (Rockingham County)
Last Updated: 10/20/2018
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Located just 15 minutes from Harrisonburg Va. Dunkle Hollow Road will have dirt on the tires in no time. Your first waypoint is a great lake stop to try your hand at catching dinner, taking a walk or just enjoy the scenery. The lower section of the trail has numerous camp spots that make a great base camp for a weekend on the mountain. Enjoy a shaded trip through the hollow, ending on the ridge line just a turn away from Flagpole Knob. This is a great connector trail not only for its location, but also the challenges of the trail itself.

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Trail Reviews

4.6/5 (15 reviews)
Status: Open
Visited: 07/09/2021

Did this trail in a 2010 Chevy suburban on 33 inch tires with a level and had no clearance issues. Trail is alittle snug in places but it's doable in a full size vehicle. But overall pretty fun trail to do just would no attempt in a car of any sorts.
Status: Open
Rated 4/5
Visited: 08/16/2020

Skidmore fork wasn’t open. I got there at noon time. I took the switzer lake detour and continued toward right. The mini bridge was overflowing. Many people were turning back. Hopefully next time when the weather is good.
Trail Review: Skidmore Fork/Dunkle Hollow Road - Abdul
Trail Review: Skidmore Fork/Dunkle Hollow Road - Abdul
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Status: Open
Rated 4/5
Visited: 08/13/2020

Google Maps sent us down this trail in a bone stock Volvo XC-70. We weren't trying to go offroading but after passing the lake I figured we (my wife and 7-year-old) would check it out. I honestly wouldn't take my full-size 4WD truck through this trail but the Volvo performed without a single problem. It had been raining so there were tons of wash-outs and mud puddles well up on the doors but the car didn't show any signs of reaching its limits. Kudos to Swedish engineering, shame on you Google.
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 08/06/2020

We started at Switzer Lake and came up via the lake road (which I've seen called Dunkle Hollow and Skidmore Fork--unsure which is 100% correct). About half a mile into the ascent, thunderstorms started and they did not relent, making the trail quite challenging at certain parts. It was an absolute blast, but I'm eager to see what changes when it's dry! The view at the top (Flagpole Knob itself) was neat, but shrubs/trees unfortunately obscure a lot of the view. We took the forest road down and it was relatively uneventful and somewhat uninteresting. Definitely recommend taking any of the other paths instead of that road if you want a bit of a more interesting ride and journey.
Status: Open
Visited: 07/14/2020

Took Dunkle Hallow up to the top. Trail was just rough enough to be fun, but definitely need a 4x4 with a bit of clearance to get to the top. I would take a completely stock vehicle on this trail, I would argue the overall trail rating should be moderate instead of Easy-Moderate. Came across a downed tree which I had to remove, and saw a lot of deer in the area. Overall good trail if you are looking for something that requires to you pay attention to where you are putting your wheels, but not so difficult you feel like you'll be losing bottoming out.
Trail Review: Skidmore Fork/Dunkle Hollow Road - Eric P.

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