Antelope Creek Road

Mayer, Arizona (Yavapai County)

Last Updated: 08/01/2019
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Highlight: Antelope Creek Road
Located in central Arizona, Antelope Creek Road was a key transportation route for ranchers and miners before paved roads were introduced into the area. Driving along the winding desert road today, you will still see ranchers with large stock trailers moving cattle to market or greener pastures along with hikers and mountain bikers headed to one of the several trailheads for the Black Canyon National Trail along the road. Located almost exclusively on BLM land, the road follows Antelope Creek to the historic ghost town of Cordes Station. The trail crosses Antelope Hill before slaloming downhill to join the Crown King Road. Antelope Hill offers impressive views of the nearby Bradshaw Mountains and some of the modern-day mining operations in its foothills. The campsites atop Antelope Hill look down on the captivating tableau of the canvas-tan, dried grass flatlands​ of Perry Mesa and the Agua Fria National Monument.
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