Sandman Road

4.5/5 (7 reviews)
Florence, Arizona (Pinal County)
Last Updated: 01/22/2022
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Sandman Road offers beautiful views in the surrounding areas along the trail and access to the OHV trails in the area. This trail is a photographer's playground. Making a single day on the trail or multiple days is very easy to do using any nearby and connecting trails. There are several fun side trips located within this area, including the Cottonwood Canyon Petroglyphs. Reymert Mine, Ajax Mine, or even a brief hike to Martinez Cabin, Canyon, and Mine, to name a few. Enjoy this road to start or finish an amazing day of wheeling!

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Trail Reviews

4.5/5 (8 reviews)
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 09/16/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

Amazing views and great trail overall! Rated harder as I was advised by locals that one portion of the trail has been washed out by recent rains.
Official Crew
Status: Open
Rated 4/5
Visited: 01/21/2022

This was a great trail and I ran it in reverse of how it’s laid out in this guide. Fun hill climbs, great views of the mountains and healthy Saguaro made for a fun day! Trail rating is being set to adjust for current conditions. If you run the trail in the direction of the guide, it will be a hair more difficult than running it in reverse.
This trail guide's difficulty was changed on 01/21/2022
Status: Open
Visited: 11/27/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

I guess we technically did this trail in reverse, from way point 12 -> 1. There was a very washed out area around way point 2 that most vehicles would have difficulty with going up. Since we were in reverse, we made it down although there was some 2 and 3 wheel action going on.
Status: Open
Visited: 10/17/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

After running Box Canyon we wanted to take Sandman back out but the top of the hill at waypoint 2 is really washed out, scaly and eroding. Fun challenge but we couldn’t get through.

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