Nimblewill Gap

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4.5/5 (20 reviews)
Dahlonega, Georgia (Dawson County)
Last Updated: 08/05/2020
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Situated in a mountain range spanning 550 miles from Georgia to Pennsylvania called the Blue Ridge Mountains is an easy trail known as Nimblewill Gap Road. What it lacks in difficulty and obstacles, it makes up for in gorgeous scenery. Part of the trail follows along the beautiful Nimblewill Creek before climbing up the eastern side of Amicalola Mountain reaching Nimblewill Gap, the pass between Amicalola Mountain and Black Mountain. Numerous roadside camping areas make this trail very popular with campers looking to get away from more traditional campgrounds. Additionally, any hikers or history buffs in your group will be delighted to see that this road also offers access to the famous Appalachian Trail, the 2100 mile hiking trail from Georgia to Maine. With camping, hiking, and access to other trails in the area, Nimblewill Gap Road has a little something for everyone.

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Trail Reviews

4.5/5 (20)
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Rated 5/5
Visited: 10/08/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Started at Old Bucktown Road and moved south. Typical forest road. Probably take anything down it. Stock friendly. There’s a few camping spots along the side.
Visited: 04/09/2022

Review is spot on!! Trail was open and actually kind of busy today. Several campers along the lower end of the trail. One comment is that I believe this trail is marked as a straight through, which it can be if you are willing to do another trail. Since we hadn't researched Old Bucktown Road and were wheeling alone, we did this trail as a "there and back." While very easy, the views were great and were worth the visit.
Trail Review: Nimblewill Gap - Eric Criswell
Trail Review: Nimblewill Gap - Eric Criswell
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Rated 5/5
Visited: 11/13/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Went up a couple days of some rain to find a few big puddles but mainly some nice roads with some views. We were behind a BMW x5 that made it pretty far into the road, but decided to turn around after coming up to a pretty large rut that they probably could have made it through if they needed. Road ends at a little opening with some great views and paths for hiking or the start of Old Bucktown Rd. We did it in a lightly modified Jeep Gladiator in 4hi but probably would have been fine in 2hi the whole time, I also aired down to 18-20psi just to make the ride more comfortable. Overall it is a nice a drive with good views and some puddles, can't ask for much more on a nice fall morning.
Trail Review: Nimblewill Gap - Adam Neely
Partially Open
Visited: 08/17/2021

My last two trip up this road have ended due to downed trees. Several weeks ago the road was blocked near where the pavement ends by multiple downed trees. The number of trees was more than I wished to tackle with my chain saw. I have attached a photo. On 8/13/21 I was about two thirds of the way up and and a 30 inch plus diameter tree was down across the road leaning against the uphill side. Much to dangerous to attack with a Stihl Farm Boss saw. Very little room to turn around, but managed to make multiple small moves to get back down the hill and avoid a long back up. At the bottom of the road I stopped a couple in a Ram 4X4 who were headed to the top then down Old Bucktown Rd. With all the rain this week if could be an issue again. Great road in normal times.
Trail Review: Nimblewill Gap - David  Gergacz
Rated 4/5
Visited: 06/15/2021

Came down the road from Old Bucktown Road from the AP trail. This trail was easy for the most part but did have a few challenging areas as there are some areas of light washouts and some sections are fairly rocky. The ride is very scenic with a bunch of small water falls and a few miles that it runs parallel to a stream. Some great looking camping spots dot the eastern end of the trail. You could probably do this road in 2wd. Not much clearance is needed.

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