Barbour Fork

Idaho Springs, Colorado (Clear Creek County)

Last Updated: 06/17/2021
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Seasonal Closure
Typically Open: 06/14 - 12/15
Length: 6.54 miles
Highest Elevation: 10403 feet
Duration: About 1 hour, 30 minutes
Shape of Trail: Loop
Best Direction to Travel: West
Nearest Town: Idaho Springs
Nearest Town w/ Services: Idaho Springs
Official Road Name: 194
Management Agency: Arapaho National Forest
District: Clear Creek Ranger District


Highlight: Barbour Fork
Barbour Fork is open seasonally from June 15th until December 1st. It is very close to I-70 and has a lot to offer for being so close to the foothills of Denver. This trail that has a little bit of everything- rock crawling, hill climbs and descents, twisty sections and mud. It's a lot of fun without being overly challenging, and makes a good choice for a moderate 4x4 trail that is close to Denver. It's a good trail for drivers that have graduated from beginner trails. It is worth noting that this area is popular for quick day trips and target shooting.


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1. Trailhead / Trail End ( mi)
Barbour Fork (Trail #194) starts at the end of the dirt road where the seasonal closure gate is. There is a large parking lot to the left and is the best option for airing down.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Denver

Take I-70 Westbound, from I-70, take exit 240 north / Idaho Springs. Follow Miner Street to Soda Creek Road, which goes under the interstate and past Indian Hot Springs Resort. Follow Soda Creek Road South for approximately 3 miles to a large parking area for hiking and trailers. The trail begins at a seasonal gate adjacent to the parking lot.



Land Use Issues

The area is closed to motorized vehicles from December 1st - June 14th to minimize disturbances during the elk calving season. There are quite a few illegal trails in the network and should not be used, as this mis-use can shut down trails. Please clean up all trash you may encounter so that these trails can remain open to the public.

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Q: Any idea when this trail opens back up?
–Steven Salinas (05/15/2020)
–John (05/15/2020)
Q: any body know currant trail conditions 12/25/18?
–michael pitts (12/25/2018)
–Todd (12/26/2018)
Q: Does anyone know the condition of the trail since the snowfall we got a week or two ago?
–William (10/20/2018)
–William (10/22/2018)
Q: In the description in mentions camping a few times but then says that camping is not allowed. Is there camping allowed just not in certain areas or is it completely banned?
–Ryan Mitchell (08/23/2017)
–Ryan Boudreau (11/15/2017)
Q: Are there designated target shooting areas or can you find a suitable back stop anywhere on the trail?
–Terry (06/17/2017)
–Andrew Dixon (06/20/2017)
Q: Do you think a stock vehicle with about 8.5" of ground clearance at the lowest point but with lockers could make it through this trail?
–Chris Li (01/21/2017)
–Ryan (08/05/2018)
–Kyle Judson (07/14/2018)
–Kyle Judson (07/14/2018)
–rovermp82 (07/05/2017)
–Andrew Dixon (01/22/2017)

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Andrew is native to Golden, Colorado. As he was growing up he became very fond of the outdoors while mountain biking - he would get on his bike to escape real life and get into the wilderness. This habit never left his system and after high school, he was dragged out to Moab with some buddies, and that's when he ingested the 4wheeling bug. Driving a stock '99 4Runner, he ran Fins n' Things, and his second trail was Hell's Revenge. Needless to say - Andrew was hooked. After building eight Toyota trucks over the last 9 years, exploring the trails of Colorado and Utah quickly became his #1 favorite thing to do. He joined in September 2016 with the motivation to help others along journeys of their own. It is this passion that drives him to share knowledge about the trails he knows very well, and to make sure everyone knows exactly what they are getting into, before they get there.
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