House Mountain Trail

Sedona, Arizona (Yavapai County)
Last Updated: 12/30/2017
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Status: Open
Typically Open: Year Round
Difficulty: 4-5
Length: 6.2 miles
Highest Elevation: 5096 feet
Duration: About 2 hours 30 minutes
Shape of Trail: Out & Back
Best Direction to Travel: N/A
Nearest Town: Sedona
Nearest Town w/ Services: Sedona
Official Road Name: FR-9952 / Forest 120 Rd
Management Agency: Yavapai County Forest Service
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Highlight: House Mountain Trail

This 12 mile out & back trail is a fantastic route to take during the busy traffic months, it is just south of Sedona and a bit of a locals secret! After heading 6 miles up to the top of House Mountain, you will drive right up to an amazing view of the Sedona red rocks from a very unique "back side" perspective, this is one of the few trails in the area that features an incredible 360 degree view of the surrounding towns. This is a great starter trail before heading into Sedona and tackling some of the tighter, more advanced trails. It is fairly smooth for the first section then becomes rocky with small shelves and ups and downs through many wash crossings.


Route Information

Technical Rating: (4-5)

Rutted and/or rocky road. No shelves. Rocks up to 12" and water crossings up to 12" with possible currents. Passable mud. Moderate grades to 15 degrees. 6" holes. Side hill to 20 degrees. 4WD required. No width problems.

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House Mountain Trail is a very remote, and fairly easy 6 mile(12mi. out & back) trail south of Sedona, Arizona. The trail heads north up to the top point of House Mountain. This trail is fairly narrow, with some large rocks and small shelves. Although the trail is mostly easy going, there are a few moderate to steep washes which may require 4WD, especially after a rainfall. This trail should be easily traveled by a stock height Jeep, with very minimal to no underbody damage. The last mile is pretty rough due to the large rocks, but definitely worth it for the view!


1. House Mountain Trailhead

House Mountain Trail starts right off of Beaverhead Flat Road. You will pass through a cattle guard and immediately start heading north towards House Mountain.

2. Stay Left on FR-9952 (0.2 mi)

As soon as you drive through the cattle guard at the beginning of the trail, you will notice two large cattle tanks(water holes) with multiple roads surrounding them, follow the main road slightly to the left to stay on FR-9952.

3. Remain Straight at Junction (0.7 mi)

You will pass a small junction on the right side of the trail (northeast). Remain straight to stay on the main section of the trail.

4. #7 Feed Tank (0.9 mi)

On your right side you will notice a small metal feed tank with the #7 painted on it. This is simply a landmark to let you know that you are still on track.

5. Wash Crossing (1.1 mi)

At 1.1mi. you will come across a large wash crossing, be mindful of running water during the wet season. Also note that you may see some sort of plastic conduit or piping underneath the rocks, try to avoid them, if possible, in case they are still in use.

6. Wash Crossing (2.7 mi)

Over the next few miles you will pass multiple wash crossings, most of them look very similar. Keep heading straight through the wash crossings to remain on the trail.

7. Large Rocks (2.8 mi)

Pictures don't do this rocky area justice. If you have a lower clearance 4x4, you may want to be cautious of this area. A long-wheelbase vehicle could possibly bottom out here, so stay to the left side where there is a more gradual slope.

8. Rocky Ledge (3.1 mi)

This rocky ledge goes up the side section of the valley. It is fairly wide but be mindful of the edge, as it could fall away easily on a rainy day.

9. Horse Mountain Water Tank (3.9 mi)

As you pass the pond, you will notice a steep downhill trail on your left towards the south. This could potentially be a good area to set up camp, or have some fun going up/down the steep hill.

10. Stay Right (4 mi)

Stay to the right at the "Y" beyond the Horse Mountain Water Tank.

11. Left Turn (5.1 mi)

As you come upon a lonely tree at a 'Y' shaped turn, you will take a left down into the small valley. Optionally, you can take a right turn for more potential camping areas.

12. Right Turn (6 mi)

You are almost to the top! Take a right turn at the split in the road to head towards the scenic lookout. Towards the left will take you closer to the rock pile at the top of House Mountain if you'd like to climb up to the top of the rock.

13. Finish Trail (6.2 mi)

You've made it! There's a small turnaround spot around a juniper tree to head back the way you came. Enjoy the 360 degree views and a unique "back side" perspective of the Sedona red rocks.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 34.713132, -111.818995
Head south of Sedona on Highway 179, turn west onto Beaverhead Flats Rd. and continue roughly 3.4 miles until you reach Forest 120 Rd (Labeled 9952 at the gate). Turn right and head north, this is the start of the trail.


Dispersed camping is permitted throughout this area, pick a good spot slightly off the main trail and make yourself at home!
Camping: House Mountain Trail

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Hawk Miller

Mapping Crew - Arizona
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Hawk Miller, born and raised in Northern Arizona is the owner of a Sedona Jeep rental company called MYE Jeep. He is an avid climber, hiker, and "Jeeper". Constantly out on excursions to discover new hidden routes and trails, he can usually be found wherever there is no cell service. He spends his free time in Austin, TX as a performance driving instructor, with an extensive history of off-road rally racing, he is no stranger to playing in the dirt!


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Trail Reviews (3)

Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Took the little Forester out onto this trail. The drive was nice with lots to see, especially towards the end. This trail doesn't see hardly any traffic. We only saw 2 vehicles in 3-4hrs while we were out there. One of them gave us props that we made it all the way with the Forester. Definitely need 4 wheel drive for the 3 rocky spots.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Great hidden gem close to Sedona. No Pink jeeps! Great vista when you make it to the top - beautiful views of Sedona valley to the north and Cornville to the south. If you are looking for a more secluded spot to visit in contrast to some of the other trails in Sedona valley, this is a perfect trail to visit without driving too far out of Sedona.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Just a bit muddy up there towards the top so make sure you have 4WD!