Outlaw Trail

Sedona, Arizona (Coconino County)
Last Updated: 10/23/2017
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Status: Open
Difficulty: 2-5
Length: 6.5 miles
Highest Elevation: 4812 feet
Duration: About 2 hours
Shape of Trail: Loop
Best Direction to Travel: South
Nearest Town: Sedona
Nearest Town w/ Services: Sedona
Official Road Name: FS9551
Management Agency: Coconino Forest Service
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Highlight: Outlaw Trail

Ancient Indian ruins, seclusion, and wide open panoramic views are what you get with this off-road trail just outside of Sedona, Arizona. Starting off at the Honanki Indian Heritage site, this route travels 6.5 miles through the Coconino National Forest on an old, and much less traveled ranching road. Leave the people behind and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Sedona red rocks, Mingus Mountain, and many other surrounding mountain ranges. This is a nice and easy wheeling trail with lots of great scenery, and a few small challenging rock crawls to hone your off-roading skills.


Route Information

Technical Rating: (2-5)

Rutted and/or rocky road. No shelves. Rocks up to 12" and water crossings up to 12" with possible currents. Passable mud. Moderate grades to 15 degrees. 6" holes. Side hill to 20 degrees. 4WD required. No width problems.

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Outlaw Trail is a remote, and fairly easy 6.5 mile trail just northwest of Sedona, Arizona. It is a partial loop road and can be run in either direction but it is suggested to be driven from north to south so you can easily loop back into town afterwards. This trail is fairly wide, with some washboarding and large rocks. Although the trail is mostly easy going, there are a few challenging rock crawl spots so 4WD is highly recommended. This trail should be easily traveled by a stock height Jeep, with very minimal to no underbody damage. A good amount of livestock roams around in this area so keep your eyes up!


1. Trail Start

Outlaw Trail starts at the Honanki Heritage Site(Indian ruins) parking lot, continue through the parking lot and follow signs for FS-9551. Restrooms and picnic tables are available here for pre-trail preparation.

2. Gulch

Almost immediately after the start of the trail you will come up on a large gulch, if you have clearance issues at this point, it may be a good idea to head back as this is one of the more difficult areas of the trail.

3. Wash Crossing (0.4 mi)

Small wash crossing (could be muddy during rainy season).

4. Scenic Outlook (0.6 mi)

At 0.6 there is a nice small scenic outlook, during the busy seasons in Sedona this is a nice area for a picnic if the parking lot at the entrance is full.

5. Road Split (0.8 mi)

Split in the road here, both paths lead in the same direction, either direction works!

6. Right Turn to Multiple Splits (0.9 mi)

As you reach this area, it can be a little confusing and may seem like the end of the trail, keep your eyes to the right and you will see an opening as the trail heads downhill. There are multiple splits in the trail here, they all will lead you in the same direction so take your pick!

7. 360 Degree Scenic Lookout (1.5 mi)

This 360 degree scenic lookout is the highlight of the trail, there are lots of great views in the Sedona area, however this one gives a unique perspective due to the high visibility of terrain differences and views of Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome, and other surrounding towns.

8. Stay Right, Then Sharp Left Turn on FS9549 (2.6 mi)

Stay right (to the west) at the "Y". Then take a sharp left and head east here on FS-9549 to continue towards the end of the trail.

9. Continue Right (2.6 mi)

Continue right here and head southwest, avoid driving through "No Motoring" signs posted by local Forest Service.

10. Stay Left (4.4 mi)

Stay left at the "Y" here to continue on FS-9549B.

11. Stay Left (4.6 mi)

Continue left (north) at the "Y" to remain on the trail.

12. Rocky Uphill (5.1 mi)

This section can be a little challenging, there are a few easy paths, and some difficult. They will all lead in the same direction. Pick your poison and be careful!

13. Trail Finish (6.5 mi)

Trail finishes here at the intersection with FS-525. Head to the right (south) to continue back to Sedona via Loy Butte Rd/FS-525 & FS-152C/Boynton Pass Rd.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 34.936410, -111.934892
Head West on 89A through Sedona until you reach Dry Creek Road, turn right and head North on Dry Creek Road until you reach a "T" in the road. Turn left and head West on Boynton Pass Road, continue to the next "T" and turn left (Southwest). Boynton Pass Road turns to FS-152C. Continue on FS-152C until you reach another "T" and a sign for Honanki Ruins. Turn Right at the "T" and head North on FS-525, you will immediately come upon a "Y" in the road, stay left at the "Y" and continue on FS-525/ N Loy Butte Rd. Follow this road to the Honanki Heritage site and turn left into the parking lot to begin the Outlaw Trail.


Camping around this area is permitted outside of the Heritage site, however it is best to stay away from the heavily travelled areas as there can be a lot of dust. Accommodation is widely available throughout Sedona with hotels, motels, upscale resorts, as well as a large amount of Airbnb listings! Sedona area campgrounds A great map for legal dispersed camping

Land Use Issues

No access issues present at this time.

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Hawk Miller

Mapping Crew - Arizona
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Hawk Miller, born and raised in Northern Arizona is the owner of a Sedona Jeep rental company called MYE Jeep. He is an avid climber, hiker, and "Jeeper". Constantly out on excursions to discover new hidden routes and trails, he can usually be found wherever there is no cell service. He spends his free time in Austin, TX as a performance driving instructor, with an extensive history of off-road rally racing, he is no stranger to playing in the dirt!


Questions & Answers (1)

Q: Where is the nearest gas station?
–Desert Maverick (10/11/2017)
A: The nearest fueling station would be the Giant gas station located at: 2960 W State Rte 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336
–Hawk Miller (10/11/2017)

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Status: Open
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Fun trail. Enjoyed the cliff dwelling ruins at the start. Great views at the top.